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Founded in 2004 and based in Sulphur Springs, Texas, the American Legend Aircraft Company was created to develop light sport versions of the fixed wing Piper Aircraft J-3 Cub, built in 1938. Although all models use the basic air-frames of various Piper aircraft (whose design are in the public domain), American Legend has added modern enhancements and upgrades to improve structural integrity and fuel efficiency including: widening cabin width by 3-inches, placing x-bracing on the cabin head space, transplanting the fuel tank from the firewall to the wings, adding an improved avionics and electronics systems, and including a door/window combination which can remain open in-flight. Legend offers the following aircraft: Legend Cub – Closed Cowl, and Legend Cub- Open Cowl, Super Legend, Legend Combat Cub, Legend AmphibCub.
The original Legend Cub comes in two variants (open cowl and closed cowl). The open cowl is based on the original Piper J-3 and is powered by a 100 horsepower Continental O-200-D engine. Featuring a classic wood prop, a basic panel (with an altimeter, airspeed, inclinometer, tachometer, oil pressure, oil temperature, and voltmeter), and a 406 MHz ELT, the open cowl Legend Cub can climb at 750 feet per minute and has a 3.5 hour range. The closed cowl has similar specifications, however, its design is based on the Piper PA-11. The Super is powered by a 115 horsepower Lycoming IO-233. With a range of 5.5 hours and a 900 feet per minute climb, the Super Legend is standardized with a ground adjustable composite propeller (76’’ Sensenich), basic instrumentation, 6.00 x 6 tires, and 406 MHz ELT. The Combat Cub’s is a variant of the Legend Cub with a WW-II inspired paint exterior in either open or closed cowl configuration. The AmphibCub is an amphibious variant of an open cowl J-3. Equipped with a 100 horsepower Continental Motors O-200 Lightweight engine, a standard model includes: a Sensenich ground adjustable propeller, basic panel equipment, radio, transponder, 406 MHz ELT, vortex generators, and amphibious floats.

American Legend: CUB AL3C-100 OPEN COWL

Manufacturer : American Legend

Model : CUB AL3C-100 OPEN COWL

Description :

We are selling parts for CUB AL3C-100 OPEN COWL. You can send your parts enquiry for CUB AL3C-100 OPEN COWL from here.