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Founded in 2010 by aeroplane designer Milan Bristela and based in the Czech Republic, BRM Aero, s.r.o. specializes in the manufacture of light sport aircraft for recreational or cross-country use. The company offers three models of aeroplanes: the Bristell Classic, the Bristell RG, and the Bristell TDO (with numerous sub-variants).
The original Classic Bristell is now on its fifth generation and is currently offered as Bristell NG 5 LSA with LSA, UL, and HD variants. The original LSA offers an empty weight of 705 pounds, maximum take-off weight of 1323 pounds, and a useful load of 617 pounds. With a fuel capacity of 31.7 gallons and an option of either an 80 horsepower Rotax 912 UL or a 100 HP Rotax 912 ULS, the aircraft can fly at a maximum of 155 knots and a cruise of 120 knots. The ultralight variant has a slightly smaller wing area (4.1 feet less) and wing loading (less 13.36 pounds per 3.28 foot squared) than the original allowing the UL an empty weight of 639 pounds, a MTOW of 1047 pounds, and a useful load of 353 pounds. While all variants are equipped with the same engine options, the UL can fly at maximum 145 knots and maintain a cruise of 115 knots. The final variant within the Bristell Classic category is the heavy duty. The HD is equipped with heavy duty wing spars for protection in extreme environments, such as inclement weather. This variant performs similarly to the original LSA while having identical dimensions to the ultralight.
The Bristell RG is a line of retractable gear, light airplanes. Currently offered as the Bristell NG 5 LSA, RG, the aircraft comes standard with heavy duty wing spars. The RG can also be equipped with either an 80 HP Rotax 912 UL or a 100 HP Rotax 912 ULS. With reduced drag due to their retractable landing gear, the RG can fly at maximum 157 knots and cruise at 135 km/h. Their final family, the Bristell TDO offers the conventional landing gear/tail dragger option with a two wheel fixed gear undercarriage plus tail wheel. With a shorter wing (1 meter less) than the company’s typical tricycle gear, the TDO can operate with a faster roll rate. Coming in ultralight and heavy duty variants, the TDO is equipped with the same engine as BRM’s other aircraft families. The TDO HD can fly at a maximum of 157 knots and cruise at 150 knots. The UL has maximum speed of 146 knots and cruises at 116 knots.

Brm Aero: CADET

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