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Enstrom: 480B TURBINE

Manufacturer : Enstrom

Model : 480B TURBINE

Description : Produced by Menominee, Michigan-based Enstrom Helicopter Corporation, the Enstrom 480B multi-role light helicopter is the manufacturer’s flagship aircraft. Originally developed to meet the U.S. Army’s New Training Helicopter (NTH) requirements, the Enstrom 480B fulfills a number of roles supporting military pilot training, law enforcement, agriculture, first response, news gathering, sightseeing, executive charter, and medevac missions. The Enstrom 480B completed its maiden flight in 1989 and deployed into service in 1993. Since its debut, about 90 units of the Enstrom 480B have been delivered to operators in 18 countries worldwide.

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Enstrom: F28C

Manufacturer : Enstrom

Model : F28C

Description : Produced by Enstrom Helicopter Corporation (located at the Menominee-Marinette Twin County Airport in Michigan), the Enstrom F-28C is a light utility helicopter used to carry out military and civil pilot training, law enforcement missions, agricultural crop dusting, surveying operations, and executive and troop transport. Debuting in 1985, the F-28C is an upgraded version of the original Enstrom F-28 which entered service in 1965. Since when the first Enstrom F-28 prototype took its maiden flight in 1960, Enstrom has delivered over 1,200 F-28 rotorcraft to customers around the world. Powered by a single Avco Lycoming HIO-360-E1AD engine providing 153kW of thrust and a Rajay 301-E-10-2 turbocharger, the Enstrom F-28C climbs at a rate of 7.4 meters a second to reach a service ceiling of 3,660 meters. The Enstrom F-28C flies at a maximum speed of 180 kilometers an hour for 3.5 hours before refueling for a range of 446 kilometers.

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