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Founded in 1988 and based in Bundaberg, Australia, Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd specializes in composite, light aircraft. Seeking to fill a market opportunity in agricultural light planes, the company began with a focus on developing 30-120 horsepower aircraft. In addition to kit packages and parts (including engines and propellers), the company produces the following assembled, factory-built aircraft: the J120, the J160, the J170, the J230, and the UL-D. All of these aircraft come equipped with a Jabiru 2200cc engine, excluding the J230 (which has a 3300cc engine). The fuel capacity of the J120 is 65 liters; of the J160, J170, and J230 is 135 liters; and of the UL-D is 70 liters. The maximum take-off weight of each model is as follows: J120 (500 kg), J150 (540 kg), J170 and J230 (600 kg), and UL-D (450 kg).
The company also maintains a USA division, specializing in manufacturing and servicing Jabiru aircraft. Based in Shelbyville, Tennessee, Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft manufactures two lines of special light sport aircraft: the J230-D and the J170-SP. The J230 features a 3300 engine, a fuel capacity of 36 gallons, and a cruising speed of 120 knots. In addition, this latest model features a glass cockpit instrument panel by Grand Rapids Technology (GRT) which includes synthetic vision terrain, ADS-B weather and traffic, and autopilot. The J170 is also equipped with a GRT avionics system and engine instrumentation, a Jabiru 2200 engine, a 2-blade fixed-pitch Sensenich wood propeller, a climb rate of 700 feet per minute, a range of 850 nm, and an endurance of 8.5 hours.

Jabiru: J250

Manufacturer : Jabiru

Model : J250

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