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Quasar: 214SL

Manufacturer : Quasar

Model : 214SL

Description : Manufactured by Brazilian manufacturer Aeroalcool, the Quasar 214SL (a variant designed specifically for the United States market under light sport aircraft standards) is derived from the company’s original Quasar Lite. Introduced in 2007, the Quasar is powered by a 60 horsepower, liquid and air-cooled, four stroke HKS 700E two cylinder engine in a tractor configuration (wherein the propeller is affixed to the front of the engine, pulling the aircraft forward through the air) and a 2 blade, ground adjustable propeller. The fuselage is composed of composites while its wings and tail are aluminum with Dacron covering and UV resistant coating. The Quasar’s wings are cantilevered and low-wing (level or beneath the fuselage bottom) and also stores the aircraft’s fuel tank under triple sealing. Parts (precision machined in CNC and laser cut) are sourced from 2024 T3 aluminum sheets and AN/MS aircraft grade hardware.

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