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Founded in 1984 by Dr. Reiner Stemme and headquartered in Strausberg, Stemme AG is a Germany-based aircraft manufacturer specializing in glider/sailplanes. Originally established in Berlin as Stemme GmbH & Co. KG, Dr. Stemme sought to manufacture airplanes with both the soaring capabilities of conventional gliders and the practicality and power of motor propulsion aircraft. In pursuit of this concept, Stemme invented a retractable propeller which is controlled by a drive shaft connected to an engine located in the aircraft’s center of gravity. With this proprietary design, the aircraft’s fuselage could be aerodynamically streamlined for soaring while retaining a full-sized, four-stroke power plant. After restructuring in 2012, the company divested a business unit dedicated to producing utility aircraft for surveillance and research. Stemme AG’s product portfolio now consists solely of two lines of motor gliders: the S10 Peak Performer and the S6 Sky Sportster.
The company’s first product, using Dr. Stemme’s patented folding propeller, was the S10 Peak Performer. Available since 1990, its current incarnation is dubbed the S10-VT. The aircraft is equipped with a Stemme-Retrac variable pitch propeller which can disappear within a dome for gliding and unfold in just five seconds. Powered by a Rotax 914 F Turbo, the S10 has a range of 1720 km, a glide ratio of 1:50, a cruise speed of 260 km/h, and a climb rate of 815 feet per minute. The S10 has other variants, the S10VC (fitted with underwing sensors for surveillance) and the TG-11A (trainers for the U.S. Air Force).
The S6 Sky Sportster is a conventional motorglider which does not feature a retractable propeller. The S6 is offered in numerous variants with optional landing gear configurations. The latest Sky Sportster has a glide ratio of 1:36, a range of 1593 km, and a cruise of 270 km/h. The fixed gear S6 and the retractable S6-R are both equipped with a 100 hp engine. The fixed gear S6-T and retractable S6-RT both feature a turbocharged 115 hp engine.

Stemme: S10-V

Manufacturer : Stemme

Model : S10-V

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