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Vans: RV-12

Manufacturer : Vans

Model : RV-12

Description : The RV-12 is an S-LSA (special light sport aircraft) certified aircraft designed and produced by Van’s Aircraft. Initially in the business of kit/homebuilt aircraft, the company recently began selling fully assembled aircraft with the RV-12 as its first model offering (delivered in 2013). The RV-12 is a low-wing aircraft with a fuel consumption of only five gallons or less per hour and is ideal for touring and other recreational purposes. The aircraft is distinct in that its wings are easily detachable for transport and storage purposes. In a process taking approximately five minutes, the user can remove the pins located on the back of the aircraft’s seats to remove the wings. Further, sensors on the ignition interlock prevents engine start up if the wings are improperly fitted.

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Vans: RV-6A

Manufacturer : Vans

Model : RV-6A

Description : Although obsolesced by the introduction of the RV-7/7A, the RV-6 is one of Van’s Aircrafts most successful homebuilt aircraft models with over 2,500 units sold and built. Designed for kit assembly by amateur builders, the RV-6 is a derivative of the company’s RV-4. First flown in 1986, the aircraft was the company’s first model to feature two seats in a side-by-side configuration, made in response to consumer demand. The RV-6 features two variants: the RV-6 (equipped with a tail-wheel landing gear) and the RV-6A (equipped with nose-wheel or tricycle landing gear). The RV-6 is distinct in the homebuilt aircraft industry in that it is one of the only kit aircraft utilized as a military training vehicle (for the Nigerian Air Force in 1989).

We are selling parts for RV-6A. You can send your parts enquiry for RV-6A from here.