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Complete List of Aircraft ATA 100 Chapters

The Air Transport Association (ATA) 100 refers to the ATA numbering system, a commonly used standardized system used to document parts, components, or entire commercial aircraft. Like most standardization systems within the aerospace industry, the ATA 100 is used to provide a clear, common understanding for pilots, maintenance technicians, engineers, and more. The number system was implemented in 1956 and is in wide use throughout the industry to this day, despite no longer being officially recognized. What made this system so popular was its application to all aircraft. For example, the reference number for a Boeing Aircraft is the same number used for an Airbus.

The ATA 100 is 100 chapters ranging from 0-99 broken up into seven sections. These sections are aircraft general, aircraft systems, structure, propeller/rotor, power plant, miscellaneous, and peculiar military chapters. Aircraft general ranges from 00-18 and refers to generic documents regarding airworthiness, hardware, and so on. The second section, aircraft systems, ranges from chapters 20 to 49 with information about the many different systems on a commercial aircraft, like power, communications, hydraulics, and more. Chapters 50-57 pertain to the aircraft structural components such as the fuselage, wings, nacelle, and doors. 60-84 contain information regarding the propeller/rotor and power plant, and the final chapters refer to miscellaneous components relating to flight and information regarding military-specific parts and components.

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Aircraft General

ATA Number ATA Chapter name
ATA 00 General
ATA 01 Maintenance Policy
ATA 02 Operations
ATA 03 Support
ATA 04 Airworthiness Limitations
ATA 05 Time Limits/Maintenance Checks
ATA 06 Dimensions And Areas
ATA 07 Lifting And Shoring
ATA 08 Leveling And Weighing
ATA 09 Towing And Taxiing
ATA 10 Parking, Mooring, Storage And Return To Service
ATA 11 Placards And Markings
ATA 12 Servicing
ATA 13 Hardware And General Tools
ATA 15 Aircrew Information
ATA 16 Change Of Role
ATA 18 Vibration And Noise Analysis (Helicopter Only)

Aircraft Systems

ATA Number ATA Chapter name
ATA 20 Standard Practices- Airframe
ATA 21 Air Conditioning
ATA 22 Auto Flight
ATA 23 Communication
ATA 24 Electrical Power
ATA 25 Equipment /Furnishings
ATA 26 Fire Protection
ATA 27 Flight Controls
ATA 28 Fuel
ATA 29 Hydraulic Power
ATA 30 Ice And Rain Protection
ATA 31 Indicating / Recording System
ATA 32 Landing Gear
ATA 33 Lights
ATA 34 Navigation
ATA 35 Oxygen
ATA 36 Pneumatic
ATA 37 Vacuum
ATA 38 Water / Waste
ATA 39 Electrical - Electronic Panels And Multipurpose Components
ATA 40 Multisystem
ATA 41 Water Ballast
ATA 42 Integrated Modular Avionics
ATA 44 Cabin Systems
ATA 45 Onboard Maintenance Systems (Oms)
ATA 46 Information Systems
ATA 47 Inert Gas System
ATA 48 In Flight Fuel Dispensing
ATA 49 Airborne Auxiliary Power


ATA Number ATA Chapter name
ATA 91 Charts
ATA 97 Wiring Reporting
ATA 115 Flight Simulator Systems
ATA 116 Flight Simulator Cuing System

Peculiar Military Chapters

ATA Number ATA Chapter name
ATA 92 Electrical Power Multiplexing
ATA 93 Surveillance
ATA 94 Weapon System
ATA 95 Crew Escape And Safety
ATA 96 Missiles, Drones And Telemetry
ATA 98 Meteorological And Atmospheric Research
ATA 99 Electronic Warfare System

Power Plant

ATA Number ATA Chapter name
ATA 71 Power Plant
ATA 72 Engine
ATA 72T Engine - Turbine/Turboprop, Ducted Fan/Unducted Fan
ATA 72R Engine - Reciprocating
ATA 73 Engine - Fuel And Control
ATA 74 Ignition
ATA 75 Bleed Air
ATA 76 Engine Controls
ATA 77 Engine Indicating
ATA 78 Exhaust
ATA 79 Oil
ATA 80 Starting
ATA 81 Turbines (Reciprocating Engines)
ATA 82 Water Injection
ATA 83 Accessory Gear Box (Engine Driven)
ATA 84 Propulsion Augmentation


ATA Number ATA Chapter name
ATA 60 Standard Practices - Prop./Rotor
ATA 61 Propellers/ Propulsors
ATA 62 Main Rotor(S)
ATA 63 Main Rotor Drive(S)
ATA 64 Tail Rotor
ATA 65 Tail Rotor Drive
ATA 66 Folding Blades/Pylon
ATA 67 Rotors Flight Control


ATA Number ATA Chapter name
ATA 50 Cargo And Accessory Compartments
ATA 51 Standard Practices And Structures - General
ATA 52 Doors
ATA 53 Fuselage
ATA 54 Nacelles/Pylons
ATA 55 Stabilizers
ATA 56 Windows
ATA 57 Wings