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We have compiled a network of trusted FAA approved MRO facilities that can get your AR or damaged unit into OH, RP, or SV condition, providing complete paperwork.

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 Aircraft Components

dme - Avionics Components List

  • Part No. Manufacturer Make/Model Descriptions RFQ
    622-1234-013 Preferred Airparts, LLC NOT SPECIFIED 339F-12 DME RFQ
    KN-63 Pacific Coast Avionics Corp BENDIX/KING KN-63 BENDIX/KING KN-63 RFQ
    622-3672-001 Preferred Airparts, LLC NOT SPECIFIED IND-451 DME RFQ
    066-1037-00 Preferred Airparts, LLC KING KDM-705 DME RFQ
    622-3670-001 Preferred Airparts, LLC NOT SPECIFIED TCR-451 DME RFQ
    066-1089-00 Preferred Airparts, LLC KING KA-120 DME RFQ
    066-1068-01 Gulf Coast Avionics BENDIX/KING KN-62A BENDIX/KING KN-62A DME P/N 066-1068-01 14/28VDC W/ 8130 XX3244 RFQ
    066-1088-00 Gulf Coast Avionics BENDIX/KING KN-64 BENDIX/KING KN-64 DME W/ TRAY AND FRESH 8130 066-1088-00 XX4078 RFQ
    KN0063-06 Sarasota Avionics Inc BENDIX/KING KN-63 BENDIX KING KN-63 RFQ
    622-3917-001 Preferred Airparts, LLC COLLINS IND-40B DME RFQ
    622-6524-004 Preferred Airparts, LLC NOT SPECIFIED IND-42A DME RFQ
    066-1029-01 Preferred Airparts, LLC KING KN-65 DME RFQ
    KN0062A-03 Sarasota Avionics Inc BENDIX/KING KN-62A BENDIX KING KN-62A RFQ
    066-1069-00 Preferred Airparts, LLC KING KDI-572 DME RFQ
    066-4008-00 Preferred Airparts, LLC KING KNS-80 DME RFQ
    622-7318-001 Preferred Airparts, LLC COLLINS IND-42C DME RFQ
    KN-62A Pacific Coast Avionics Corp BENDIX/KING KN-62A BENDIX/KING KN-62A RFQ