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Beechcraft - 99

Manufacturer : Beechcraft

Model : 99

Description : Produced by Beechcraft Corporation, the Beechcraft 99 was introduced in 1968. The 99 is a dual engined, turboprop utility monoplane used for passenger transport missions. The aircraft was the first turbine powered, retractable gear aircraft approved by the FAA for commuter service. Produced until 1986, the 99 produced a total of six variants: the original 99 Airliner, the 99 Executive (configured for corporate transport with an option of less seats), the 99A (featuring upgraded engines), the B99 Airliner (with further upgraded engines), the B99 Executive, and the C99 Commuter (with additional maximum takeoff weight and further improved engines). With a seating capacity of eight to seventeen passengers, the Beechcraft 99 was favored for a commuter role. The company built approximately 240 units of the 99, including all variants.

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