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Cessna - CITATION M2

Manufacturer : Cessna

Category : Jet Aircraft


Description : Introduced in 2013, the Citation M2 is a light business jet produced by the Cessna Aircraft Company. A derivative of the CitationJet (CJ1) platform, the M2 is an entry level aircraft designed to combine performance with minimal workload. A step up from the Citation Mustang and replacing the CJ1+, the M2 is a low-wing cantilever monoplane with retractable, trailing link landing gear in tricycle configuration. The airframe is composed of aluminum with non-critical parts (the nose radom and fairings) constructed from lighter composite materials. The 47 foot wingspan features straight wings with outboard ailerons, wide span flaps, a natural laminar flow airfoil, and “swooplets” - wing tip extensions smaller than conventional winglets - with LED position and anti-collision lights and static wicks. The aircraft’s empennage is in T-Tail configuration.

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