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We have compiled a network of trusted FAA approved MRO facilities that can get your AR or damaged unit into OH, RP, or SV condition, providing complete paperwork.

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 Aircraft Components

Available for Immediate Sale! Engine Specs: Rolls Royce Dart 529-7E Left: S/N 16002 Right: S/N 14012 Prop(s): Dowty Rotol R193/4-30-4/50 Left: S/N 193/59/79 1756 HSO Right: S/N DRG/364/66 2555 HSO Avionics/Radios: VHF Com (dual) VHF Nav (dual) ADF DME HF Transceiver VHF Transceiver Emergency Locator VOR Locator Glidescope ADF GPS APU Solar 1 ATC Radio Altimeter Autopilot Additional Equipment: Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Year Painted: 2007 Exterior: New Paint January 2007

Fairchild - F-27

Manufacturer : Fairchild

Model : Fairchild F-27

Sub Model : F-27

Description :

We are selling parts for F-27. You can send your parts enquiry for F-27 from here.