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We have compiled a network of trusted FAA approved MRO facilities that can get your AR or damaged unit into OH, RP, or SV condition, providing complete paperwork.

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$50,000 - Or Best Offer Airframe: At the time we purchased the plane in 2011, we performed a landing gear lubrication and an off check (operational testing). The results were satisfactorily. The front landing gear has a flat tire which needs to be replaced. 2 rear tires are cracked and also need replacement. There are 1 new nose tire and 2 main tires inside the airplane to replace them. We also performed a flight control lubrication and offset. Again, the result was satisfactorily. A corrosion inspection was also done and the plane did not have any corrosion. Due to the weather in Oklahoma, corrosion should not be an issue. The engines are not frozen. The propellers rotate without any problems if someone decides to inspect. We also did a deep cycle to the battery and it should require to be charged only. The battery is currently missing one plate to connect positive and negative. The plane does not have an APU. The cabin of this plane is Altimatic. Engine Specs: 2 Rolls Royce DART 529-7E Prop(s): 4

Fairchild - F-27F

Manufacturer : Fairchild

Model : Fairchild F-27

Sub Model : F-27F

Description :

We are selling parts for F-27F. You can send your parts enquiry for F-27F from here.