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We have compiled a network of trusted FAA approved MRO facilities that can get your AR or damaged unit into OH, RP, or SV condition, providing complete paperwork.

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Factory PC-12 NG distributor for New England, NY, NJ, DE & MI. Pro Star provides sales & service excellence. Exceptional example of the incredibly versatile PC-12 NG. 8 Passenger seats. Premium avionics with dual WAAS, XM etc. BMW 6+2 interior. Beautifuly kept and maintained, one owner from new, no damage ready to go to work today! WiFi is now available for all PC-12 aircraft, enjoy maximum productivity riding in the back or upfront, call us today to discuss this option... Engine Specs: Pratt & Whitney PT6A 67P Prop(s): Hartzell 4 Blade Avionics/Radios: Honeywell APEX Premium Additional Equipment: Additional Airconditioning Pulsing Recognition Lights Tow Bar Adaptor Year Painted: 2009 Exterior: Base white with dark green and gold striping in BMW scheme Year Interior: 2009 Interior: BMW 6 + 2 Tan interior 3 outlets in main cabin Iridium antenna port Inspection Status: All maintenance up to date

Pilatus - PC-12 NG

Manufacturer : Pilatus

Model : Pilatus Pc-12

Sub Model : PC-12 NG

Description :

We are selling parts for PC-12 NG. You can send your parts enquiry for PC-12 NG from here.