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turbine amphibious floatplanes

There exists two main types of seaplanes: flying boats and floatplanes. Unlike a flying boat, floatplanes are practically structurally identical to conventional landplanes. The primary difference lies in what is under the body of the aircraft. Instead of retractable wheels to act as their primary landing gear, floatplanes are fitted with separate floats called pontoons. These floats support the fuselage of the aircraft well above the water’s surface and are hydrodynamically designed for smooth water landings and lifts. The floats displace a weight of water equal to the weight of the floatplane.
A problem that comes up in water operations is how the tide effects operations. For instance, currents and a rising tide can cause a beached seaplane to float away. Operators combat this by making the aircraft amphibious. To make a floatplane amphibious, the aircraft is fitted with retractable wheels as well as pontoons in order to land on dry terrain. Behind the step, the wheels retract upward into the pontoons themselves. This combines the characteristics of both the landplane and seaplane worlds. However, since the landing wheels in an amphibious floatplane are regularly immersed in water, they are weaker than those fitted onto conventional landplanes. Thus, wheels on an amphibious floatplane are more likely to fail.
The standards and requirements of a seaplane rating are comparable to those of a landplane certificate. However, amphibious aircraft operate in an arguably more hazardous environment. For one, seaplanes have no brakes. The brake systems on amphibious models are marginal, at best.
The Federal Aviation Administration reports that there are roughly 35,000 seaplane-rated pilots registered in the United States. About 1,500 new seaplane ratings are issued annually. However, because the Federal Aviation Administration does not differentiate between aircraft on floats, wheels, or skis, there is no hard data on the specific number of seaplane aircraft in the nation.

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Quest Aircraft - KODIAK

Manufacturer : Quest Aircraft

Model : KODIAK

Description : N/A

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Dehavilland - DHC-3T

Manufacturer : Dehavilland

Model : DHC-3T

Description : N/A

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Manufacturer : Cessna


Description : N/A

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