Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts

BOC Aviation a prime aircraft leasing company based out of Singapore has recently decided to purchase 737 MAX aircrafts on consignment for other airlines. Purchasing a total of 10 aircrafts the estimated costs are at 1.25 billion US dollars. Some prerequisites that were agreed upon were the signing of a MoU (memorandum of understanding)

The 737 MAX aircraft has been a prime competitor in the industry due its efficiency and potential. One of the many reasons that BOC chose this aircraft is due to low per seat costs. Being a single aisled aircraft it increases possibilities in the single aisle industry. The aircraft is enhanced with new features and the most innovative engine known as the LEAP-1B. Along with the integration of the new engine there are other improvements such as advanced technology winglets for better aerodynamics.

BOC aviation is very pleased with what BOEING is able to provide to their company. Per a statement made by managing director and CEO Robert Martin stated,” As a launch customer for the program, this demonstrates the strength of our relationship with Boeing and will help us continue to deliver superior solutions for our airline customers.”

BOC Aviation is one of the many companies that provide their customers with the most innovative aircrafts in the industry. Always placing their customers first to be able to supply the rest of the world.

Along with these purchases Boeing has other plans set for their innovative aircrafts. Teaming up with a Japanese Aerospace company (JAXA) to test long range light detection and ranging (LIDAR) technology.

Working on enhancing their remote sensing capabilities that would further help pilots be precautious about bizarre weather conditions.

With the help of the LIDARs technology, JAXA is able to read winds up to 17.5km in front of the aircraft.

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Boeing’s 737 Max 8

Boeing, the world’s largest and leading aircraft company, finally show cased its MAX 737 8 last week. The airplane was show cased by American Airlines in Renton Washington. The aircraft was a beautiful sight on the flightline assembly. American airlines, a Fort Worth based-carried has over 100 737 MAX aircrafts on order, with four deliveries in 2017, sixteen in 2018 and twenty in 2019. This upcoming generation aircraft has a total of one hundred and seventy-two seats. This means that the aircraft has twenty-nine inches of seat room in the main cabin aircraft interior, something that is huge for the aircraft industry. The aircraft interior includes thirty seats in main cabin extra, providing exceptional comfort for its customers.

The economy seats on this aircraft are more comfortable than previous aircraft seats because they are Rockwell Collins interior system’s design. The aircraft interior design is an art and a science, you must consider revenue, customer experience and satisfaction as well as other considerations. Apparently, the new 737 MAX 8 will not include inflight entertainment but will instead include configured satellite based wi-fi. This new development allows passengers to stream video contents such as Netflix, HBO, and Hulu.

The 737 MAX is designed to provide customers outstanding performance, flexibility and competence. The plane even has lower per seat outlays compared to its competitors. The 737 has some of the newest technology on the market, including CFM international engines, Boeing aviation industry interior, advanced technology winglets, and large flight deck displays. The Boeing 737 is the fastest selling airplane is Boeing history, a remarkable statistic for the company! The first 737 MAX 8 is through Renton flight line and features a painted rudder and a green fuselage. Although the first delivery will be coming in fall 2017, American has yet to announce any plans about schedules or routes that the plane will be taking.

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L3 & Air Tractor Join OA-X Experiment

L3 Technologies, one of the top defense contractors in the world as agreed to participate in the US Air Force OA-X experiment. The experiment began July 31st and is with the Air Tractor AT 802L longsword, which is an armed reconnaissance version of a tail dragging crop-duster. A tail dragging aircraft is an aircraft that lands and taxis on a tail wheel or a skid and keeps its nose off the ground. These planes will give the air force and entire new approach to combat. L-3 wants to be a part of this experiment in hopes that it will increase their customer options and generate more revenue.

L-3 does have some competitors who will also be involved in the experiment, although they have yet to be announced. L-3 already made a huge announcement at this year’s Paris air show when they introduced their brand-new AT-802L. This aircraft has an Air Tractor equipped cockpit that is glass, and Wescam MX-15 infrared/electrooptical sensor pod and hardpoints under the belly and the wings. L-3 will benefit greatly from this experiment if it is successful because they have plans to sell twelve of the modified crop dusters to Kenya. This OA-X experiment is expected to gather more information for the United States Air Force but US Special Operations Command.

The two services released a pre-solicitation searching platform for a technology that is a light attack support for special operations. The air force special operations will attend the experiment. The experiment is described as a combat field test used for potential foreign military sales. They have been flying mission’s day and night with and without weapons to accurately test the aircrafts. They are even preforming simulated surveillance and light attack missions. The next phase of the experiment will be an experimental deployment into a real combat zone, with Iraq or Syria being the location for the test.

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Airbus - new A320 Airspace interior

Airbus and team have effectivity been able to add yet another model to their fleet of wide bodied aircrafts. The newest model will be known as the A320, which is much like its sister aircrafts the A330neo and A350 series. Airbus has said to have the A320 share many of the same principles as the previous models, alongside many newer innovations. One of the many new features that got a lot of attention at the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo held in April was the expanded overhead storage space. During this expo, a lot of great criticism became the trigger to releasing the newly profound cabin. Per an interview with Airbus Executive Vice President of Product Strategy, Dr. Kiran Rao mentioned, “The A350 XWB cabin has proven extremely popular, with great feedback not only from passengers, but from design professionals.” Along with mentioning that,” This was great validation that gave us confidence to apply the design language to the A330neo and now to the A320 Family.” The larger storage space allows an estimated “40 percent more volume space” which is are more accommodating for larger carryon items. The cabin has been designed to be less bulky which not only creates more room for storage but increases lavatory options. The newly innovative cabin has been equipped with the latest IFE stage which has been located overhead. This platform is equipped with,” in-seat audio/video on-demand, as well as the provision for in-seat power, wireless flexible connectivity and mobile telephony (GSM on board).” One of the perks of these newer additions is that they can be easily integrated into already existing models. Airbus’ targeted time frame to have the entire package ready for integration is said to be by the year 2020.

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Rolls Royce to Reduce Life Cycle Costs

Life cycle expenditures for helicopters can be a pricey investment for helicopter operators over time. A solution to lowering these costs has been in high demand for some time. Thankfully, aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce has come up with a solution to this long-term concern. They are currently working to develop and new dual channel full authority digital engine (or FADEC) and control systems. This will take the place of the already existing hydro-mechanical equipment on some turboshafts.

This is thought to be the answer to the struggle to keep costs low while not sacrificing quality and functionality of these aircraft engine parts. Jason Propes, Rolls-Royce senior vice president for helicopter and light turboprops states, “These systems will improve the reliability of engines, and we expect to be able to introduce increased in time between overhaul for some components, resulting in lower dollar per operating hour for customers.”

There are quite a few additional upgrades for operators. One of these is the Value Improvement Package kit, which allows Series IV operators to boost hot and high performance. This modification is based on designed changes to the impeller, diffuser and first-stage nozzle that controls and improves airflow. Another new development is that Rolls-Royce is taking action to further improve the process by which data is obtained from its engines as part of the movement towards lower life cycle costs. They understand that the use of smarter and more efficient ways of receiving data is a top priority for consumers.

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Embraer Aircraft

On March 31 Embraer Executive Jets delivered the first Phenom 100EV to an undisclosed U.S. customer. The new aircraft model was certified by Brazil’s ANAC and by the FAA. An evolution of the Phenom 100, which entered service in 2008, the Phenom 100EV delivers better performance with modified engines and new avionics components. The renowned Prodigy Touch flight deck, which was introduced in the market by the Phenom 300 light jet, is now displayed on the entry-level Phenom 100EV. Pratt & Whitney Canada’s modified engines (PW617F1-E) offer more speed with remarkable performance, especially in hot-and-high operations.

With over 350 aircraft flying in 37 countries, the Phenom 100 is distinguished for its high utilization design as well as low operating and maintenance costs, among owner-pilots, charter, corporations and fractional operators. The aircraft is also considered ideal for preparing pilots for multi-engine jet operations, and is in use by flight training academies worldwide.

Michael Amalfitano, CEO of Embraer Executive Jets stated, “The Phenom 100 set new industry standards when it arrived in 2008, raising customers’ expectations of an entry-level business jet. The evolution of our first clean-sheet-design jet reflects our pledge to listen to customers and to endure to bring innovative aircraft with superior value to the market.”

The pilot-friendly cockpit facilitates single-pilot operation, with situational awareness upgraded by the advanced man-machine interface of the touchscreen-controlled Prodigy Touch flight deck, based on the Garmin G3000, split screen capability, with larger HD displays, and a new weather radar. The Phenom 100 EV features 1,730 pounds of thrust, modified Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F1-E engines, reaching a 405 ktas high speed cruise and up to 15% more thrust at hot-and-high airports, which assimilates to more range and a faster time to climb. The aircraft has a four-occupant range of 1,178 nautical miles (2,182 km), with NBAA IFR reserves.

The aircraft features eleven interior design collections, generous natural light from large windows, even in the private rear lavatory. A feature that is typically only seen in larger aircraft, which is also the case of the integrated air stair, refreshment center and the largest baggage compartment in its class. The Phenom 100 EV is the evolution of the spacious aircraft in its class, bringing interior enhancements, such as featuring a straight-line design to increase the aisle area, and relocated power outlets with USB chargers.

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Fourth Embraer E190-E2 Joins the Flight Test Program

Embraer’s fourth E190-E2 aircraft joined the flight test program after completing a two-hour flight test in Miami, Florida. The aircraft will be used for specific interior tests such as cabin evacuation, environmental comfort and internal noise. Embraer aircraft has also completed about 21,000 hours of tests in ground-based rigs, including an “iron bird” which mimics the E2’s hydraulic, avionics and flight control systems. The airframer reported in a statement that the flight test fleet has accumulated more than 650 flight hours since its first flight in May 2016, just three months after its debut. The second prototype joined the fleet on July 8, followed by the third testbed a month later. The third prototype has been flown to Florida, where it will undergo tests at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory to evaluate how the aircraft sustain extreme cold conditions.

Luís Carlos Affonso, COO, Embraer aircraft Commercial Aviation explains, “Embraer aircraft has already frozen the aerodynamic configuration and concluded many tests such as flying qualities assessment, short field takeoff and landing, climb performance, in-flight thrust determination, landing gear stability and other systems tests. Shortly, we will do high speed flying qualities, flutter, natural ice and cold soak tests.”

Embraer aircraft has redesigned the wing of the EJet and installed the Pratt & Whitney PW1900G in the next generation of the airliner. The E2 family aircraft is a major enhancement to the original EJet series launched over a decade ago. The new family will contain the E175-E2, the smallest member of the family, the E190-E2 and the stretched E195-E2. The first E190-E2 will be delivered in the first half of 2018 to Norway’s Widerøe.

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Safran Helicopter

Safran Helicopter Engines, also known as Turbomeca, has been awarded a massive contract with the UK military to support their Airbus helicopters by the hour. Support by the hour (SBH) provides a fixed cost per engine per flight hour. Units can be completely overhauled and exchanges are sent at no additional cost. It is an incredibly effective budgeting tool for consumers and in this case the UK military, as no unexpected costs will arise. The Safran helicopter engine contract is specific to the Arrius 2B2Plus and Arriel 2E engines on the military’s H135 and H145 Airbus helicopters.

Around 25% of Turbomeca’s customers worldwide have chosen an SBH contract. This speaks to the quality and service of Safran Helicopter Engines and turbines. Helicopter parts and support can be extremely expensive, especially when supporting an entire fleet. In 2014 Chinese company Government Flying Services renewed their SBH contract with Safran. This contract covered their Arriel and Makila engine fleet based in Hong Kong. The renewal encouraged State Grid General Aviation Company to enter an SBH contract as well. Signing China’s largest helicopter operator under the SBH program was a huge success for Safran Helicopter Engines.

French company Safran Helicopter Engines has been around since the 1930’s manufacturing gas powered turboshaft engines for helicopters and gas turbine engines for aircraft and missiles. They also make turbines for land and marine applications. The most successful and notable engine by Safran is the CFM56 which was jointly developed with General Electric. The CFM56 is the most reliable and bestselling engine to power single-aisle commercial jets. More than 30,000 CFM engines have been delivered to customers worldwide and the partnership has been extended to 2040.

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K-Max Helicopters

This spring will mark the first of the new Kaman Aerosystems external-left helicopters to begin delivery. The K-Max K-1200 will begin rolling out in April, with the second batch of helicopters set to fly in April of this year. The fleet of helicopters are to be used for the China Department of Forestry. They will arrive in both months at Lectern Aviation in China prior to being distributed to the Department of Forestry. K-Max has been out of production for ten plus years. This will mark the first return for this helicopter since it halted production in 2003.

The original K-Max was certified in 1994. Due to high demand and continued request for the K-max, Kaman Aerosystems decided in 2015 to start production of the helicopter. January marked the entail delivery of the first airframe from the Jacksonville production line to its plant located in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Currently the K-Max is undergoing its final flight testing and assembly work. “Delivery of the first K-Max aircraft to our customer is scheduled to take place during the second quarter of this year, following completion of the remaining assembly and testing at our Bloomfield facility,” said Drake Klotzman, Air Vehicles & MRO (AVMRO) division general manager, during is scheduled announcement to the press and public. “Producing the initial airframe is an important milestone for the program.” Kotzman did state that the K-Max would not require recertification but it would need to undergo the certification process since it has almost fifteen years since it’s last production. “Our experienced employees are working diligently to complete the first aircraft in order to have deliveries to customers begin this spring with multiple deliveries to follow during 2017,” Klotzman added. The first fleet of helicopters would be set at 10 units initially.

The announcement for the amount of helicopters for the second tier of production will be sometime this year. With the growing interest in in the K-Max helicopter the vibe has been very positive for rolling out units for the first time in over a decade. The U.S Marine Corps currently maintains two unmanned K-Max helicopters developed with Lockheed Martin. There are no known plans to add anymore K-Max helicopters to the U.S. military but that could change with the new production planned. Both helicopters were flown between 2011-2014, delivering 4.5 million pounds of cargo throughout Afghanistan. Kaman new fleet of K-Max helicopters will be manned, but also have the capability to be flown unmanned. They will continue to explore unmanned flight platforms for medevac, cargo delivery and firefighting.

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Rolls-Royce A330neo Engine

Following the shift Airbus has cited a slight delay in the development of the A330neo power plant in entry into service to early 2018. The Airframers latest promise for the maiden flight of the re-engined jet is the first half of 2017.

Commercial aircraft president Fabrice Bregier unveiled during a briefing in Toulouse. With developing the Trent 7000 engine for the aircraft Rolls-Royce engine parts is “a little bit late” but stresses, “not due to engine performance”. He stated the engine manufacturer has been facing a ‘cumulative effect” of production of power plants for the A350-900 and -1000 as well as the Aircraft engine parts distributor, Boeing 787. But Bregier also notes that Airbus has the resilience to move the A330neo entry into service into the first half 2018. Originally it was set for the end of this year.

He explains that the air framer’s newest success with baseline A330. Sales have taken the pressure off the production transition, and that launch operator TAP Portugal’s plans for 2018 service entry. They are “compatible” with the new A330neo timeline. ASAP Semiconductor is the leading in sales and parts for Aircraft parts. They deal with Aviation and aircraft parts at aviation sourcing solutions. Airbus chief operating officer for customers, John Leahy, also determined that the airframer is looking to crush greater performance out of the A330neo, by examining options for extending the type’s range.

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