Avionic testing plays a huge role in our company and is something we take very serious because if a part is not tested then we do not sell it.  Recently Lockheed Martin Corp. decided to begin assisting the Navy with advance combat avionics test equipment under terms of a $166 million 4-year contract. One of the first task that the Navy gave to the company of Lockheed was to build 36 electronic Consolidated Automated Support System full-rate initial production units. This equipment is designed to assist sailors and marines to repair aircraft assemblies at sea or ashore to get avionics back to service as soon as possible. Not only will the new program help with repairs but also sustaining logistics and engineering support. The Navy is excited to see what Lockheed can bring to improve the original test equipment that was put in to use in the early 1990’s.

Some changes that the Electronic Consolidated Automated Support System has made is placing new weapons in jets, for example on the F-35 Lighting II joint strike fighter. Because of the great work that Lockheed has been doing, they continued to getting more contracts for a total of $181.5 million.

The economy is constantly changing and some company’s go up and down with the economy, but a positive about avionics test system is that they are never effected by economy. Lockheed believes they are the workhorse of all aviation repairs and knows they are the best at doing it.  They can provide a service that allows jets to get back to working conditions as soon as possible, whether it be by finding the problem or shipping out parts that are needed for the repair. With the big 4-year contract that Lockheed got from the Navy they could input 550 test programs that support about 750 avionic components.

Lockheed’s programs focus on long-term stability because rather spend more time on something and make it last for a longer period without breaking again. Another thing that they pride themselves is logistics, since they can move electronics from the factory to maintenance departments. Something we also focus on here at Aviation Sourcing Solutions is getting parts to our customer as soon as possible, as well as giving customers great parts that will last for a long time.

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Aircraft Self Diagnosis Sensors

Aircraft business has been on the rise since the day the write brothers have invented the first airplane. Our skies is being conquered by airplanes 24 hours and 7 days a week, there isn’t a single moment that goes by without an airplane in the sky. Having said that; safety is a great concern when it comes to flying, safety of the airplane structure, mechanics, parts, aircraft engine parts, and most importantly the safety of the people who are passengers or operating the airplane. Usually every time a plane lands there has to be a quick inspection which is typically conducted by engineers, techs and mechanics who understand aircraft engineering or mechanics. If something small goes wrong on an airplane it can have a tremendous effect on the way the airplane functions. On a massive structure such as the airplanes it can be time consuming to do an inspection every single time an airplane lands or getting ready to take off, this is why in this age of technology engineers are coming up with ways to make these problems easier and quicker.

Aircraft safety is a must and engineers have come up with self-monitoring sensors that will monitor systems on an airplane and possibly try to identify the reason behind any malfunction. These sensors are a whole avenue on their own and they will keep on improving as time goes. Sensors are being improved yearly to better serve the safety of the airplane and withstand all the hard conditions that an airplane has to go through.

ASAP Semiconductor is a global distributor of parts and we deal with Aviation & Aircraft Parts at Aviation Sourcing Solutions including Aircraft safety sensors, Aircraft safety parts and any other part that you can identify on an airplane.

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Failure to Find MH370 Leaves Critical questions unanswered

There had been a lot of search for flight 370. This flight went missing on March 8 in 2014. There has been no explanation ever since. No airplane parts have been found or anything. Many families are still wondering what happened to their family members. There were 239 passengers in the flight. They are all either dead or lost. This was a tragic event and many people were affected by it. It brought much controversy and worry. This is a true tragedy. There has not been any new evidence that could lead to identify to look for the airplane in a specific location which is sad especially for the families. So it was decided to stop the search. But 2 weeks before deciding to stop the search a new evidence has arrived. But it was not evidence that could help gain conclusive information especially about the flights disappearance. This puts a lot of pressure on the Boeing Company.

The Boeing Company is considered to be an American multi-nation corporation. They are known to design manufacture and sell airplanes, rockets and satellites worldwide. They are known to also provide easing and products support services. They are considered to be one of the largest exporters in the USA, they have been able to keep their high reputation for so many years. Their headquarters are in Chicago. They have 5 different divisions. Each one is responsible for something else. There is the Boeing commercial airlines, Boeing Defense space and security Engineering, operations and technology. They have many other more and they are ranked to be one of best within a nation. But after the incident and this tragic aviation news. It puts them in a bad place since they were the ones that came up with the airplane.

Aviation sourcing solutions is owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor. They are the first company that are dedicated completely in civil aviation. It is a parts purchasing resource that can full service that aviation community.

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Lufthansa is the largest German airline and the largest airline in Europe. All in regards to the passengers size and fleet size. It has over 197 international destination across Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe. They have been around for a long time. They have been around since 1950s. They always try to be the best and to offer great service to their customers. They recently collaborated up with Australian airlines and this is mainly to provide Inmarsat GX inflight connectivity for passengers. They are planning to launch this in the upcoming first quarter. They will have around 10 airbus crafts available.

Lufthansa recently received a supplemental type certificate for the Airbus A320 fleet from the EASA which this gives them alt of advantage to prepare them to be one of the best.

“Since the launch of Lufthansa Flynet, it has been our goal to offer added value on board to our customers through innovation – and that also includes our Internet provision.”

They are planning to fully equip the entire Lufthansa A320 until at least the middle of 2018. This new inflight connectivity plan will enable to give customers the ability to access Wi-Fi using their own mobile device. Which let us be real. This is cool considering how boring the airplane rides are. This is a step into the future and is very technological. People will be able to use email services, and will can stream videos. Their plan is to be able to equip at least 100 aircrafts by spring. This is a good amount and I think eventually most airplanes will be equipped with such connectivity especially with the many aviation parts and avionics many offer.

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On December 1 2016, Pia Bergquist wrote an article for Flying Mag talking about how Breitling and Cirrus are working together. This will be called the Aerospace Evo Cirrus Aircraft Limited Edition watch. This will have a simple design with the pilot in mind. The watch will include implications such as digital calendar, dual time zones, alarm features, and a glare proof sapphire crystal display as well as a NVG compatible display.

The face of the watch will show a silhouette of a Cirrus airplane as well as the Cirrus logo. There will be three parallel bars that symbolizes the three piston models of the Cirrus airplane which is the SR20, SR22, and SR 22T. On the minute hand, there will be symbol of a parachute.

The price tag for this watch will be $4,930.00

Here at Aviation Sourcing Solutions, an ASAP Semiconductor owned company, we have the resources to supply a vast array of Aircraft and Aviation products. If you are interested in getting a quote, please feel free to contact our friendly sales staff at sales@asapsemi.com or call us at toll free at 1-714-705-4780. We are your source to all your hard to find parts. We guarantee a quote back within 15 minutes.

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 Lockheed Martin to provide cyber security and data integrity for Navy C-130T aircraft avionics

The Navy has contracted avionics software engineers at Lockheed Martin Corp. to provide cyber security and data integrity for their fleet of 20 C-130T Hercules cargo, logistics, and utility aircraft. The contract was announced to be in the $16 million dollar range by Officials of the Naval Air Systems Command at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Md. and is actually a modification to the current Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems segment in Owego, N.Y., for data integrity/cyber security in the Avionics Obsolescence Upgrade (AOU) effort for the C-130T aircraft.

Lockheed Martin has been handling the installation, upgrade and maintenance of the avionics and software integration solution in regards to the upgrades for the Navy C-130T aircraft under the AOU program since 2012. This move will modernize the C-130T's autopilot, communication suite, cockpit displays, navigation computers, flight management system and automatic flight control system with an integrated, modular open systems approach (MOSA) all the while closely adhering to the FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment standard).

The goal of this program is to prevent the loss or corruption of important data by malicious or accidental means which is the whole goal of Data integrity, which is a subset of cyber security. Slated to finish by March of 2018, the C-130T AOU upgrade includes embedded Global Positioning System (GPS), government-furnished color weather radar, UHF, VHF, and HF radios, protected instrument landing system (P-ILS), standby instruments for use with Lockheed Martin-furnished avionics and software and inertial navigation systems.

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Airbus Helicopters Service Center in Chile

Airbus Helicopters are very well known. They have been known for the past 15 years for their great wellbeing. They are one of the top in the industry. They are very reliable and have been around for a while. They always work on new ways to improve them and to improve their flight service. Recently they celebrated their fifteenth anniversary in Santiago, Chile. The main reason that they have been so popular and have been keeping their high status for many years is because they pay attention a lot to customer satisfaction. It is usually at the core of any new investment.

They hold the leading market in the south cone region.

“We are the only helicopter manufacturer with its own infrastructure in the country built to meet its customers' needs," explains Alexandre Ceccacci, Airbus Helicopters’ CEO in Chile. "This anniversary celebration and the investments that have just been announced are a wager on the future. We are also reaffirming our confidence in the regional market where we are going to continue to grow over the next decades.”
This is great for them. Even after 15 years they are still leaders. To keep up with their growing company, they planning to build a new customer service center. This center will be much larger in site. It is going to be totaling 10,000 square meters of floor space. Which will lead to doubling Airbus helicopters customer service capacity. This will also increase pilot training activities which will be good for their marketing and will make people choose them over any other. They are also planning to support the regional fleet of more than 300 helicopters. The Admiral Carlos Pons, commander of the Chilean Navy Aviation mentioned “Any expansion of the Airbus Helicopters service offer can only be positive for us, providing us with more alternative solutions to our requirements"

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Rayethien Tri-Missile A2AD

Raytheon Missile systems is one of the best systems that are offered in regards to providing and protecting homelands. It will help with protecting homeland, defend allies, and safeguard trade. Their main goal is provide a peace of mind to people to know that they are safe in their own country. Many countries rely on this system to be specific almost 13 countries rely on this system for their own protection. For so many years they have been able to accomplish their mission of keeping countries safe by mainly protecting people from high up (the sky) which is their main mission. Recently they have announced their new promotion of three airborne weapons systems. This was mainly to ensure protection to the fourth generation aircraft that would penetrate advanced air defense systems.

They are always looking outside the box which is why they have been one of the busy for years. Since they are aware that not all nations operate with low observable combat aircraft and that the ones who do, will likely to have retained non-LO aircraft as well. To keep their security high and to make sure they reach highest customer satisfaction they have developed separate areas separate from the company. They have developed defense systems such as The high speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM). Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW) and Miniature Air Launched Decoy (MALD). After these defense systems were meant to deliver more tailored package for the system and for the customers.

The Director of international programs and growth, Caesar Rodriguez recently told AIN that

“modeling and simulation had been highly rated by the U.S. Air Force. This led RMS to “think outside the box about synchronization, to deliver an affordable response to the A2/AD threat.”
This is important to ensure that they are qualified and have developed a great company that will protect counties and homelands of people. they are even able to kill vehicle defeat warheads while they’re still in space. Their JLNES aerostats provide regionals defense from 10,000 feet for 30 days at a time. they have a long radar that constantly keep watching over. They have been able to provide this great service with the many aircraft parts distributors.

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Ericsson Gets Selected For a Global- In-Flight Network Operator

Panasonic Avionics has taken the initiative to choose Ericsson to be the next generation brand that is going to take over the aviation and multiple markets when it comes to connectivity services and networking. In the past few years airlines have been slowly enabling Wi-Fi connectivity available on board for crew members and passengers. This has been slowly becoming available to some airplanes but not all. Eventually all airplanes will have either 2G, 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity. Internet connection is becoming a necessity in today’s world, what a thousand men couldn’t do a hundred years ago one man can do today and this because of how technologically advanced we have become. Aviation connectivity services is definitely on the rise today and we can already see it some of the new cars that have these services available. Soon not only airplanes will have internet connection but every car or vehicle that is moving will have some type of internet connection.

Ericsson is definitely looking forward to embark on this journey to make global connectivity a possibility and this is possible through Panasonic Avionics and AeroMobile because they are going to play an important role in this and will be in a long term business relationship with Ericsson. Physicists predict that in the future the internet will be spread everywhere just like electricity is spread everywhere now, information will simply be flowing everywhere like power is flowing everywhere now. This contact between Ericsson and Panasonic Avionics is one step closer to this prediction where information is going to be accessible at 30,000 feet above sea level.

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Engine Data is the best way to enhance the health and performance the airplane engines, every company that designs and manufacturers engines has to face the reality of their product and how it performs from every angle. Engine data can be of great value because it shows the results for performance of an engine in real life where every bit of details can be recorded and seen by experts and engineers in order to make an effort to enhance their design in the future. Teledyne Controls and GE Aviation have agreed to join partnership in order to monitor engine health data. Originally engine data had to be measured or received in a lab with the engine running in a controlled environment. However, now and thanks to technology they are able to measure the engine data wirelessly in real time and while the aircraft is flying. This allows the engineers to measure real time and real event measurements.

Engine health data is being taken to whole another level according to Teledyne Controls and that’s because the capacity of taking this data is being changed, according to Willie Cecil, the director of business development, health monitoring always had a limit of few hundred bytes and that is not much. Also, the technology that used to gather this data was not up to date with what we have today. Engine data has been transferred by ACARS which is a limited access because of limited bandwidth. On the other hand, using Teledyne’s GroundLink original technology creates a higher bandwidth and continuous data reception during short and long flight hours available for technicians and engineers to see.

ASAP Semiconductor is a global distributor and an aviation parts supplier, we deal with Aviation & Aircraft Parts at Aviation Sourcing Solutions which a platform created for those who are in need of parts. You can submit a request for quote online at aviationsourcingsolutions.com by submitting the part number or NSN that you are looking for and we will find it for you.

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