As of 2018 flight 747 the original Jumbo Jet Is not going to be served as the main Air force but a modernized version of it will start to serve as the next air force one. Many people think it is the end for this amazing jet. This jet was first flown away in 1969. It has a beautiful history behind it that many people are sad to see it stop production. Many people still view this as the one of the largest planes. It’s said that it is marvelous to be seen in real life. Many people are shocked to how big it is when viewed in person. For example, John F Pearson described it as “exciting plane, even awesome and majestic” he also said “stand near the rear of 47 and you have to bend your head back to see the top of its tail, which is just as high as five story building” this description of this plane makes me even sad to see it come to an end. 747 has been functioning for over 47 years and many people are sad to see it go but at the same time many are trying to enjoy the last moments that is still hanging on.

747 held on the title of the biggest airliner for almost 4 decades. And this is another reason why many people are sad to see it go. It holds a long history. Examples of airlines that have purchased the latest 747 are Korean Air, Air China, Cathy Pacific, and All Nippon Airways Also. The US air force had chosen to serve in their Air Force.

Boeing decided this big decision because they felt like in recent years the airlines has shifted to smaller, two engine aircraft and this is mainly to save on fuel costs. Therefore 747 has not been making a lot of profit and its shares have been dropping in most recent years.

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Avianca, the Latin American carrier has announced that they are in the process of internally developing an autonomous drone to inspected grounded aircraft for the damages that are caused by bird strikes and lightning. Avianca plans to internally develop the drone and navigation system with a provision schedule of fully launching operations for next year. Jose Ospina, the maintenance engineer for Star Alliance carrier revealed that while other airlines have partnered with drone makers, Avianca is taking it upon themselves to make this happen.

A quad-rotor drone equipped with a GoPro camera and unshrouded blades was developed for maintenance inspection applications by Avianca and Ospina himself demonstrated a prototype of the flying drone while during a press tour on September 28th of a newly debuted maintenance hangar in Rionegro, Columbia. Ospina navigated the prototype drone using a hand controller with a wireless link. Ospina says the final version of the navigational system will be completely autonomous with each of the four rotors to be shielded by a protective shroud from the blades causing the damage. Furthermore, Avianca is developing a system that utilizes ultrasonic beacons for a 3D view of the environment and the software that runs the drone will use a geometric model in order to determine the location of the aircraft relative to itself.

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To stay caught up with the mile-long Fort Worth assembly line, the Defense Department is contributing large amounts of money towards the F-35 Lightening II program. Orlando Carvalho is the Lockheed executive vice president of aeronautics. He has mentioned a large contribution almost amounting to 1 billion dollars. During a speech to the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Carvalho mentioned that the reimbursement came shortly after discussing contracts regarding the 149 fighters. Cash amount was leading to a tough finish for the aircraft since they have been self-funding until the reimbursement came through, now cash is less of a hardship, thanks to the Defense Department. The Cost of the aircraft is higher in price due to the software it contains. However, there has been talk that they are having complications with the existing software.

A goal that is trying to be completed by Fort Worth is to bring the amount of the software pricing to a lower minimum. A spokesman named Joe DellaVedova, who represents the Pentagon F-35 program expresses, says that the money given was to ensure support until a deal is made that will benefit the U.S. services and international partners. DellaVedova also mentions that the money that was funded to the aircraft was in the middle of being transferred when the received Fort Worth’s earning call. F-35 is known for having an undefinitized contract, meaning that work can begin while processing of the reimbursement. 379 billion dollars hits the record of costly payments for the weapons system in the past of Pentagon history. A promotion is occurring in Lockheed costing 1.2 billion dollars, resulting in 1,500 addition employees by the end of 2017. The additional staff will consist mainly of assembly-line workers and some supporting staff. Thankfully, the software has reached an outstanding performance and Fort Worth could not feel greater about their improvements on avionics and mission systems. The aircrafts operations are all-embracing.

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In Alabama, the French aerospace group has now manufactured a new aircraft the A321 and has delivered it to American Airlines. Since newly received by American Airlines, while being the first airbus produced in the US it took its beginning flight this April.

At the beginning of last September, they opened the facility that was worth over $600m. They expected to produce at least 4 aircrafts a month by the end of next year.

For now, the company’s intentions are to deliver its family aircraft the A320, with of course its current engine option, from the Mobile-based plant. They also want to aim to start transitioning to new engine options by the end of next year. While offering more styles other than the family aircraft and different engines, it broadens the countries and customers Airbus will have in numerous countries.

Bob Lekites, the executive vice-president of the Airbus Americas states: "The relationship between American Airlines and Airbus is a long and successful collaboration to provide the most modern, fuel-efficient aircraft for both of our customers. American Airlines already operates the world's largest fleet of Airbus aircraft and the largest A321 fleet. With this delivery, we are adding a very special aircraft to those already sporting the American livery - an Airbus aircraft built here in the US."

The Airbus Company has manufacturing facilities in cities and countries such as Alabama, Germany, France and China at the moment. While all of this is taking place, the company delivered its first aircraft built in the US to the company JetBlue. Since they are now coming to the Americas, there are many more opportunities for them to expose the new aircraft to different companies.

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On September 6th 2016, Gregory Polek wrote an article for AIN Online discussing how Airbus announced a deal with Vietnamese Airlines that recently passed. The contract consisted of three different orders. The first order was for Vietjet for 20 Airbus A321s. Another order was for Jetstar Pacific for 10 Airbus A320s. Lastly, there was an order for Vietnam Airline for 10 Airbus A350-900s. In total, these orders have a combined potential value of around $6.5 billion at list price.

Vietnam Airline has been considered the first airline in the Eastern Asia region and the second in the world to operate the A350 XWB. In addition to this the Vietnam fleet consists of four of the Airbus A350-900s and will sum up to a total of fourteen after Airbus delivers on its deal.

Vietjet order for the Airbus A321 can be more specifically broken down into 10 of the current generation A321s and 10 of the Airbus A321 neos. Vietjet in specific uses airlines for mainly domestic and regional network.

Here is what Ain Online has to say about Jeststar Pacific.

 “…a joint venture between 70-percent owner Vietnam Airlines and Qantas marks the first direct purchase by the airline from Airbus. The aircraft will join an existing fleet of 12 leased A320-family aircraft flying on domestic and regional routes. Jetstar Pacific operates a total of 33 domestic and international routes as part of the larger Jetstar Group network, which includes Jetstar Airways (Australia), Jetstar Japan (Japan) and Jetstar Asia (Singapore)”

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Piper Aircraft is proud to present its latest aircraft model, the M600. After long extensive trials and errors Piper finally gets its M600 model approved by the FAA. In as little as month Piper gets its first order for the M600 from trusted proud owners Jerry and Jack Wardlaw. A ceremony was held for the Wadlaws at the Piper headquarters in Vero Beach, Florida where they were handed over the first M600 model ready to be sold. The brothers are owners of Jerry C Wardlaw Construction Company in Savannah, GA, Previous owners of the Piper Aircraft models such as the Piper Archer, the Saratoga, Meridian, and M500 model. The Wardlaws have planned to use their planes for both travel and business trips alone.

Piper as a company prepares to take their planes to the EAAs Air venture 2016 to display their options. The EAA holds a venue to be able to share and show off ideas in the airplane industry. Allowing different companies for innovative ideas to set forth newer and more advanced projects. Piper believes that there would be no better place on earth to display their first model of the M600.

Described as a milestone for Piper for future piper air crafts, President and CEO Simon Caldecott sets forth a message on their accomplishment.

“Today’s delivery marks another significant achievement in the M600 Program and our journey to bring new value to the single engine turbo prop market. We are excited to begin deliveries of the M600 less than one month after receiving Type Certification from the FAA, fulfilling Piper’s commitment to developing and manufacturing premium aircraft of exceptional value which consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.”

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The Machinists union from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has recently approved of a new contract which will keep the mile long assembly line for the stealth F-35 joint strike fighter uninterrupted for the next six years.

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers District Lodge 776 voted 1,496 to 372 to ratify a labor agreement that will hike their wages 16 percent and locks in healthcare coverage and pension benefits for employees until April 2022.

stated Max B. Baker from Star Telegram.

The union represents 2,600 workers at Lockheed’s plant west of Fort Worth as well as 300 at Edwards Air Force Base in California and Patuxent River, Md. It is the largest labor group at the plant, where about 14,000 people go to work every day.

The president of Machinists Lodge 776, Paul Black, suggested that after months of negotiation with Lockheed Martin, this deal was as good as it was going to get.

I feel like it was the best deal to be had.

said Black.

When we surveyed the membership, and in our monthly meetings, what we heard was that they wanted their healthcare choices maintained, they wanted their costs contained and we accomplished that.

Lockheed Martin’s general manager and vice president for Aeronautics Operations, Tom Simmons, said that they are pleased that the International Association of Machinist members made the decision to accept Lockheed Martin’s final and best offer. The two parties reached an agreement without any stoppage of work, which is a noteworthy accomplishments. Four years ago, there was a bitter strike which stopped work for around 10 weeks. Officials from the Pentagon said that they had emphasized the significance of upholding the promised production schedule.

We offered an industry-leading agreement that balances the affordability demands of our customers with rewarding our excellent workforce.

said Simmons in a statement.

Our employees perform a critical task for our customers and the nation through their work supporting critical aircraft production programs.

The production facility is expected to provide more than fifty stealth fighters in 2016. By the end of 2020, the plant is hoping to gear up to build 17 stealth fighters a month. Lockheed Martin is currently in the middle of a $1.2 billion upgrade of their facilities in order to make these plans possible. The company plans to hire on an additional 1,000 employees for assembly line work next year.

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Airbus, the aircraft manufacturing giant has made history with the first ever successful “Gate-link” secure wireless data transfer. An Airbus A350 MSN02 test flight aircraft was used to demonstrate the ability for the aircraft to transfer large amounts of operational data between the A350 and the ground via the Gate-link network. About one gigabyte of data was moved via Gate-link which uses the WLAN or Local Area Network (LAN) technology which can transmit data wirelessly with high-bandwidth protocols from various destinations throughout the airport straight to a docked aircraft.

This marks the first time in history that an A350 has used the Wi-Fi Gate-link at CDG airport and the demonstration/test was facilitated on the ground side at CDG through Hub One and a specialist working in IT services for workplace and airport environments. Hub One is a subsidiary of Aeroports de Paris (Group ADP). The data transferred included operational and maintenance documentation, flight-folders and condition-monitoring (ACMS) data.

Traditionally, the only way data such as this could be transferred is through a ground staff connecting a laptop to an aircraft via a physical cable connector but through Gate-link this data can now be shared between maintenance operations and ground support, between aircraft and passenger terminals plus many other domains. With airlines increasingly advocating for wireless data-link systems in order to down-link aircraft diagnostic and operational data while simultaneously up-link data to the aircraft's on-board computers, in-flight entertainment systems and electronic flight bags, Gate-link will be prevalent and in common-use in the next several years.

Early concepts aimed at accomplishing this ranged from infrared control heads at the aircraft end of the gate and corresponding window/sensors below the aircraft door to physical data plugs that the ramp crews had to insert manually into the aircraft. The term Gate-link was introduced in the mid-1990s and it referred to the higher-bandwidth air/ground communications. Today it is more relevant to ground/ground use and can be used for various applications such as  permitting communications between ground facilities and either the cockpit or the cabin or both. Low-cost carrier Jet-blue Airways was the first to implement WADL which was first developed by Live-TV.

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The Germany defense ministry is looking to replace their fleet of CH-53D Sea Stallions Heavy Helicopters. The Sea Stallions have served the Germans since the late 1960s when they were first introduced. Boeing and Sikorsky are top prospects for the prime supplier for these heavy duty helicopters. All a part of the German Heavy Transport Helicopter Program this deal has an estimated cost of €3 billion ($3.35 billion).

The Germans are looking for a fleet that in later years will be adequate for aerial refueling and completing search-and-rescue missions efficiently. Boeing is offering their CH-47F Chinook heavy extended helicopter. This model is equipped with enlarged fuel tanks and a refueling probe for in air fueling. The CH-47F is said to be a “low risk and proven capability“ since Germans neighbors and NATO countries already manage the same model.

Sirkorsky aircraft manufacturer has chosen to Promote their CH-53 helicopter for the German Ministry of defense. The CH-53 is also equipped with the aerial fueling probe and carries a huge reputation behind it. In the past they have sold about 200 Helicopters to the US Marines and hope to sell an additional 100 additional aircraft during their planned 11-year production time. The CH-53K large size means it would be able to accommodate several German armored vehicles, including the Fennek armored reconnaissance vehicle, as well as the Wiesel (Weasel) air-portable light tank, which is regularly transported on German CH-53s.” Sirkorsky has stated that would be well with working with the German industry as it has in the past for the CH-53 program.

Boeings CH-47F has other attributes to offer but might have an issue with cabin space needed for armed vehicles to fit precisely. Boeing claims the Chinook can also carry the Wiesel internally, but has not tested this ability. Several other vehicles would have to be carried externally due to limited cabin space.

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Vietjet purchases 100 Boeing Aircraft to add to their collection of US planes to their Airlines. Behind the billion-dollar deal, the airlines wish to amplify to new frontiers. Expanding the Asian tourism and increasing the traveling market with plenty more passengers. The deal approximately cost 11.3 Billion US dollars being Vietnam's largest purchase of aircraft in Vietnamese history. The purchase of 100 737 MAX 200 jets will add to Vietjets collection making them owners of over 200 Boeing aircraft. The approximate delivery time of the 737 MAX 200 jets to Vietjet would be between the years 2019 – 2023.

Back in Chicago, Boeing turns its focus on building their large order of 737 MAX 200 jets. In result of the focus shifting and Boeing being a bit more financially elevated because of this large order, they had said to cut production of its 747-8 jet due to its weaker demand.

The US and Vietnamese relation was taken to a new level with the closing of this deal. Madam Nguy?n Th? Phuong Th?o, VietJet's CEO goal with this purchase was to speed up the process of Asia’s nations aviation industries development along with relations with the US. Boeing is very content with this deal because they continue to provide a quality service and manufacture to quality customers. Not only does Vietnam see this deal bettering relations but Boeing on the US side as well.

Incorporating the latest design and technology features, the highly efficient 737 MAX 200 will provide VietJet's growing network with market-leading economics, a superior passenger experience and contribute significantly to their future success.

said by Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner.

In recent years, relations between the US and Vietnam have increased and try to promote a well stable relation appose to ones like one they have with China that are cancerous.

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