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Amd: ALARUS CH2000

Manufacturer : Amd

Model : ALARUS CH2000

Description : Produced by Eastman, Georgia-based Aircraft Manufacturing and Design Co., the AMD Alarus CH2000 is a two-seat, single-engine training aircraft. Consisting of an entirely metal, semi-monoque stressed skin construction, the design evenly distributes the load to make the AMD Alarus CH2000 a simple yet very tough aircraft.

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Manufacturer : Amd

Model : ZODIAC CH601 XL-B

Description : Established in 1998, Eastman, Georgia-based Aircraft Manufacturing & Development Co. is a leading producer of affordable general aviation aircraft. One of the company’s designs is the all-metal, two-seat AMD Zodiac CH 601 XL-B. Premiering in 2008, the Zodiac CH 601 XL-B is billed as a second-generation light sport category aircraft. The Zodiac CH 601 XL-B is also available as amateur-built kits from Mexico, Missouri-based Zenith Aircraft Company.

We are selling parts for ZODIAC CH601 XL-B. You can send your parts enquiry for ZODIAC CH601 XL-B from here.