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The Challenger designation is used on all Bombardier business jets within the midsize jet class. With the Challenger name encompassing three primary series – the original 600, the 300, and the 800 - the company has narrowed down its current offerings to the Challenger 350 and the Challenger 650.
Available beginning 2014, the Challenger 350 is an upgraded version of the original Challenger 300. Over the 300, the 350 features a redesigned cabin interior with windows 2 inches taller as well as a slat-less wing design with enhanced, more canted winglets to improve range and fuel efficiency. With standard capacity of 9 seats, the 350 also offers a more powerful power plant (two, 7323 pound thrust Honeywell HTF7350 turbofans) which allows the following performance specifications: a maximum range of 5,926 kilometers, a high speed cruise of 870 kilometers per hour, a maximum altitude ceiling of 45,000 feet, and a maximum takeoff weight of 40,600 pounds. Finally, the standard Challenger 350 comes equipped with a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Advanced avionics suite with four LCD displays, a NextGen/SESAR Growth Capable Flight Management System, and a Synthetic Vision System.
The latest in the Challenger 600 Series, the Challenger 650 debuted on the market in 2014, with delivery scheduled for 2015. Upgrades include a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21-based Vision flight deck as well as new 9220 pound thrust GE CF34-3B MTO turbofan engines which deliver 5% more thrust over the most recent Challenger 605, providing a shorter takeoff length (200 feet less than the 604 at 5640 feet). Otherwise, performance specifications of the Challenger 650 are similar to the Challenger 605.