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Fpna: A-20 VISTA

Manufacturer : Fpna

Model : A-20 VISTA

Description : Produced by Ukrainian manufacturer Aeroprakt, the A-20 Vista is a family of ultralight high wing two seaters. Originally introduced in 1993, the Vista made its entry into the North American market in 1999. The company has since derived numerous variants including: the original A-20 Vista, the A-20 Vista STOL, the A-20 Vista SS, the A-20 Cruiser, the A-20 Cruiser-S, and the latest incarnation the A-20 Varlet. The original Vista was composed of a fiberglass fuselage and fabric-aluminum wings and tail. Designed primarily for low-speed applications, the aircraft was equipped with a 50 horsepower Rotax 503 engine and could fly at a ceiling of 93 miles per hour and a maximum cruise of 70 miles per hour. With a strut braced wing structure and conventional landing gear, the Vista can cruise at up to 87 miles per hour. Additionally the aircraft can store 23.8 gallons of fuel and fly for a range of approximately 248 miles and 4.5 hours endurance.

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