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Headquarter in Stans Switzerland, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd was founded in December 1939 by Emil Georg Buhrle. Pilatus Aircraft is known to be the only Swiss company to develop, produce, and sell aircrafts world-wide. Pilatus made history with the SB-2 Pelikan, built during World War II in 1940. The SB-2 was designed particularly for use in the mountain regions such as for the Narrow Swiss Alpine Valleys and it is also known as a special “slow-flying” aircraft. The aircraft is great for aerial photography, survey flights, freight transport, agricultural work, and it is well suited for passenger operations. It completed its first maiden flight in May 1944.
The P-2 and P-3 were both the first training aircrafts for jet pilots and were later flown by the Swiss Air Force. A total of twenty-five P-2s were delivered to the Swiss Air Force and remained in service until 1981. As for the P-3, a total of eighty four were produced and sold, and was the first Pilatus aircraft to be exported to the Brazilian Navy. The P-3 was later then designated the PC-7.
In 1959, the PC-6 Porter was the first aircraft to achieve widespread international success, it is notable for its versatility and exceptional short takeoff and landings credentials. It is built in two powered versions, piston engine and turboprop. The turbo porter version received an engine upgrade that increased its power to 410 kW. Today, the PC-6 is still in high demand.
The most wanted business aircraft in the Pilatus Aircraft collection is the PC-12 NG due to its exceeding expectations of versatility, performance, reliability, and operational flexibility. It is a turbine-powered business aircraft powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67P engine that delivers a maximum range of 1,560 nautical miles and a 280 knot of maximum cruise speed. With over 1,200 aircrafts sold, the aircraft is known to be used for executive transport, cargo, air ambulance, airline, and government special mission applications.