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Piper Aircraft, Inc. is one of the most renowned companies within the general aviation industry. Along with Cessna and Beechcraft, Piper was one of the “Big Three” manufacturers during the golden age of general aviation. Originally established in 1927 as the Taylor Brothers Aircraft Manufacturing Company, the company was renamed when William T. Piper assumed control in 1937. As a result of his leadership, Piper’s namesake company is responsible for a number of seminal models including the legendary Piper Cub line, a tube and fabric single engine aircraft which has garnered a substantial cult following.
Since then the company has sold over 130,000 units with an individual model’s production levels numbering well over 30,000. Some of the company’s most produced aircraft include: the PA-23 Apache (6,976 units), PA-32 Cherokee Six (7,842+), PA-18 Super Cub (9,000+), PA-20/22 Pacer/Tri-Pacer (10,000+), J-3 Cub (20,000+), and the top-selling PA-28 Cherokee (32,000+).
Piper Aircraft’s expansive and enormously prolific product portfolio is largely composed of light utility aircraft used in a variety of roles. The company currently offers products within three categories of aircraft: M-Class (high performance, single engine light aircraft), Trainer Class (aircraft designed for pilot training), and Twin Class (aircraft powered by two piston engines).