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Based in Ajdovšcina, Slovenia and founded in 1987, Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovšcina (Pipistrel) specializes in manufacturing light aircraft. Pipistrel began as a producer of powered hang gliders under the totalitarian regime of former Yugoslavia. Under these restrictions, the company used to covertly enact test flights on a military airfield after hours, earning the nickname “pipistrellus” – Latin for “bat”. The company’s Sinus, Virus, Virus SW, Taurus, and APIS aircraft are all certified under the FAA’s light sport aircraft regulations. Pipistrel is distinct in the LSA market due to its strong environmentally-oriented principles. Known for its sleek, aerodynamic surfaces and lines, each model strives for maximum lift and minimal drag, a gliding ratio of at least 1:40 to conserve fuel, and lastly its revolutionary developments in entirely electrically powered aircraft.
From hang gliders, the company eventually branched out into more sophisticated aircraft. Pipistrel introduced the Sinus in 1996, a two seater motor glider which was the first of its kind to qualify as an ultralight. Since then, the company’s lines of advanced light aircraft and corresponding variants has grown exponentially and garnered numerous accolades (particularly for their innovations in electrically powered aircraft). In 2000, the company began producing the Virus, a light, 3-axis derivative of the Sinus. The company’s next product was the Taurus, a self-launching ultra-light two seater which began testing in 2004. In 2007, Pipistrel debuted an electrically powered version of the Taurus – the Taurus Electro – which eventually grew into the Taurus G4 – the world’s first electric four seater, which was introduced in 2011. In 2008, the Virus SW, winner of the NASA Centennial Challenge in 2007 for the Personal Air Vehicle category and in 2008 for the General Aviation Technology category, was put into mass production. In 2009, the company began offering the APIS/BEE, a single seat version of the Taurus. In 2011, the Panthera – a four seater with hybrid propulsion took flight at the CAFÉ/NASA Green Flight Challenge. In 2012, the Alpha Trainer (an economical aircraft for flight school practice) was released. Finally, in 2013, the Sinus Flex was introduced, a variant of the Sinus with interchangeable wingtips.

Pipistrel: VIRUS SW

Manufacturer : Pipistrel

Model : VIRUS SW

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