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We maintain a compiled a network of trusted FAA-approved MRO facilities that can get your AR or damaged unit into OH, RP, or SV condition. All units are accompanied by comprehensive documentation and relevant paperwork.

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The Boeing Company recognizes standardization as a key element of its business strategy and promotes standardization of products, processes, systems, and information. Boeing provides an infrastructure to coordinate and establish a single set of Boeing standards requirements, ensures a link between standards activities and technology and business strategies, and ensures that the technical requirements are met by the standards they create. Every Boeing product has standards that regulate its features, manufacture, and testing and operation, from basic materials to standards governing health, safety, and quality expectations. Boeing creates its own set of standards for parts that it manufactures, denoted by the prefix BAC. They either develop it internally or go to an external organization to collaborate with the rest of the industry on a set of standards. Because aerospace standards are crucial to sale and safe operation of aircraft on a global scale, the aerospace industry will work together in multiple areas whenever possible to develop these standards. No one standard is better than another; they simply denote different specifications for compatibility purposes as required by each company. Military Standard (MS) and National Aerospace Standards (NAS), however, govern much of the industry as a whole instead of any one company.

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