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Beechcraft - KING AIR C90B

Manufacturer : Beechcraft

Model : KING AIR C90B

Description : First introduced in 1964, the Beechcraft King Air family is an expansive line of twin turboprop utility aircraft produced by Beechcraft Corporation. Still in production with the King Air C90GTx variant, the company has built and sold over three thousand King Air units since the aircraft’s inception. Used in both civilian and military applications, the King Air spawned a diverse variety of models and sub-variants. As the world’s most popular turboprop aircraft, the King Air was offered in two series: Model 90 and Model 100 with the latter as a stretched fuselage derivative. In addition, two other families were developed under the King Air line: the Model 200 and Model 300 series (denoted Super King Air) were larger siblings of the Model 90/100 line.

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