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5 Interesting Facts About Airports

In modern days many more people are travelling, some travel to explore the world and some people travel or basically fly for work reasons. The main point is that many people are flying and are using airplanes and different airport service. Many don’t know what goes behind scenes and many do not realize what really happens at an airport. So this blog is made to inform people with 5 interesting airport facts:

  1. Airport make A LOT of money… from parking:

Parking and transportation contribute to 41% of the total revenue that the airport makes. This is crazy because that’s almost half of the revenue that an airport makes is from parking itself. No wonder parking is so expensive. Most of the time airports take advantage of customers and use them to make extra cash by maintaining a high parking and transportation fee.

  1. The TSA is under a lot of testing.

It is shocking enough that TSA is under a microscope, yet another shocking point was that the TSA gets tested using volunteer from the airport employees. They use different employees from time to time and they make them go under the TSA screener. Often times they attach products to the consumer’s belt and prohibited substances to verify and check if the TSA screener can detect it.

  1. When bird strikes happen, they get sent to the Smithsonian

DNA must be sent from every bird the flocks around, it can be feathers, bird guts or both, depending on the state of the animal they are found in. This is done to be able to verify and intensity the species of the bird.

  1. Record keeping is intense

This might be somewhat obvious, but its not just normal record keeping, they have dozens of are binders that are filled with A LOT of papers, some are updated on regular basis.

  1. It is complicated to expand an Airport

It is not as easy as one thinks. Expanding an airport is a challenge. Many things must be taken into considerations, it also required a lot of money. Also finding aircraft parts supplier is challenging.

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February 10, 2016

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