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Acadian Composites and Textron: An Aftermarket Acquisition

Acadian Composites, LLC is a structural composite panel repair business that was previously a subsidiary of Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. In 2004, Acadian Composites was sold to Bell Helicopter, a unit under aviation conglomerate Textron Inc. that specializes in manufacturing rotorcraft. Bell Helicopter, under its subdivision Aeronautical Accessories, Inc., provides services for helicopter operators. Based in Louisiana, Acadian Composites repairs the bonded metal panels of all types of civilian and military rotorcraft.

The acquisition allows Bell Helicopter to further its expansion into aftermarket services (a market in which customers purchase follow-up goods or services) for its rotorcraft products. Additionally, the deal allows Bell Helicopter an entry into Acadian Composites’ strategically advantageous location. Louisiana currently has the second largest fleet of commercial helicopters in the United States and the company expects significant growth potential in the area. Acadian Composites specializes in repairing composite panels in order to extend the life of rotorcraft. Structural composites are valuable in rotorcraft construction, particularly on the blades, due to the material’s lightness and resilient structural integrity. Composites are made of a combination of different materials including fiberglass, carbon, or aramid (Kevlar) fiber. Unlike in metal blades, which were previously common in helicopters, failures (such as cracks and other damages) in composites are non-catastrophic (meaning not immediate and irreversible). The cross fabric binding of glass fibers give early warning of any problems, by visibly but slowly unraveling and being noticeably felt with gradually increasing vertical vibration. Additionally, composite blades are relatively cheap to produce and are much less heavy than their metallic counterparts. ASAP Semiconductor specializes in distributing parts for all your aviation needs, including parts required for products by Textron, Inc. and all its subsidiaries. Please look through our aviation-specific website Aviation Sourcing Solutions (www.aviationsourcingsolutions.com) to browse our selection or contact us at sales@aviationsourcingsolutions.com for more information or a quote.


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