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Adams Rite Aerospace Grows its Partnership with Airbus on the A350 XWB

Adams Rite Aerospace was excited to announce that Diehl Aircabin has chosen them as the Overhead Bin Latching System Supplier for the A350 XWB. They were also excited to have been chosen as a partner on this program by Diehl Aircabin.  For many year they have worked with Diehl Aircabin and they have been selected for this program based on their practical advances in the creation of lightweight and safe aircraft locking systems.

Adams Rite Aerospace will support this exertion with the state of the art technology. Adams Rite Aerospace is also enduring series assembly for the A380 cockpit door locking system program. This means that they are the provider of the high security cockpit door locking systems for all commercial Airbus aircraft.  This new A380 system was recently established and it was effectively licensed. In addition,  BE Aerospace  (Advanced Lavatory Cabin Interiors) or ALCI was given the Boeing 737 Lavatory Contract in January of 2012.  BE Aerospace ALCI will start distributing newly designed and organized lavatories to the Boeing 737 production line in 2014.  On September 17, 2012 Adams Rite Aerospace was nominated by BE Aerospace ALCI to offer numerous lavatory products including faucet, sink drain, water heater, valves and entry door latches for the innovative lavatories.  ALCI acknowledged Adams Rite Aerospace’s expertise in fluids and hardware products.  The program award was based on loyalty to requirements, price and schedule.  Adams Rite Aerospace is also happy to be partnered with BE Aerospace ALCI on this important Boeing platform.


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