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Aeroflex Inc.: Wireless Communications in the Sky

Aeroflex, Inc., headquartered in Plainview, New York, is a publically traded company specializing in test equipment, radio frequency (RF) and microwave integrated circuits (ICs), components and systems used for wireless communications. Established in 1937, the majority (60%) of Aeroflex’s sales are in the space, avionics, and defense industries and in 2013, Aeroflex’s revenues reached $631.4 million with a workforce of 2,950 strong.

In May of 2014, Cobham plc, a British aerospace and military contractor, bought Aeroflex for $1.46 billion in order to bolster their place in the growing wireless and connectivity fields as commercial demand for data and bandwidth increases. Aeroflex is split into two primary divisions: Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions (AMS) Group and Aeroflex Test Solutions (ATS) Group. AMS designs and fabless manufactures microelectronics including ICs, CCA (circuit card assembly), and mixed-signal/digital ASICs.

Aeroflex Motion Control Products, under AMS, designed controllers and actuators used on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s solar panels and high gain antenna. This division also makes DC, Brushless and Stepper Motors, Electronic Controllers, Gimbal Systems, Slip Rings, Twist Capsules, and much more. This division maintains its prominence in the space semiconductor market due to their radiation hardened semiconductors capable of withstanding the harsh space environment.
ATS makes test and measurement instrumentation equipment that support a wide range of industries, including avionics, GPS simulators, manufacturing test systems, microwave, mobile device, radios, wireless networks, and much more. These products are used to ensure that technologies are tested for defects and standards of quality. If you’re looking for electronics parts for avionic applications, including Aeroflex Inc. products, look no further than Aviation Sourcing Solutions, the aviation- and aerospace parts-specific site of ASAP Semiconductor. ASAP Semiconductor is a one-stop distribution center for all your aviation-related procurement needs. Please browse through our selection at www.aviationsourcingsolutions.com or email us at sales@aviationsourcingsolutions.com for more information or a quote.


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