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Airbus delivers its first U. S. Produced Aircraft to American Airlines

In Alabama, the French aerospace group has now manufactured a new aircraft the A321 and has delivered it to American Airlines. Since newly received by American Airlines, while being the first airbus produced in the US it took its beginning flight this April.

At the beginning of last September, they opened the facility that was worth over $600m. They expected to produce at least 4 aircrafts a month by the end of next year.

For now, the company’s intentions are to deliver its family aircraft the A320, with of course its current engine option, from the Mobile-based plant. They also want to aim to start transitioning to new engine options by the end of next year. While offering more styles other than the family aircraft and different engines, it broadens the countries and customers Airbus will have in numerous countries.

Bob Lekites, the executive vice-president of the Airbus Americas states: "The relationship between American Airlines and Airbus is a long and successful collaboration to provide the most modern, fuel-efficient aircraft for both of our customers. American Airlines already operates the world's largest fleet of Airbus aircraft and the largest A321 fleet. With this delivery, we are adding a very special aircraft to those already sporting the American livery - an Airbus aircraft built here in the US."

The Airbus Company has manufacturing facilities in cities and countries such as Alabama, Germany, France and China at the moment. While all of this is taking place, the company delivered its first aircraft built in the US to the company JetBlue. Since they are now coming to the Americas, there are many more opportunities for them to expose the new aircraft to different companies.


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