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Airbus Helicopters celebrates 15th anniversary with announcement of new customer service center in Chile

Airbus Helicopters are very well known. They have been known for the past 15 years for their great wellbeing. They are one of the top in the industry. They are very reliable and have been around for a while. They always work on new ways to improve them and to improve their flight service. Recently they celebrated their fifteenth anniversary in Santiago, Chile. The main reason that they have been so popular and have been keeping their high status for many years is because they pay attention a lot to customer satisfaction. It is usually at the core of any new investment.

They hold the leading market in the south cone region.

“We are the only helicopter manufacturer with its own infrastructure in the country built to meet its customers' needs," explains Alexandre Ceccacci, Airbus Helicopters’ CEO in Chile. "This anniversary celebration and the investments that have just been announced are a wager on the future. We are also reaffirming our confidence in the regional market where we are going to continue to grow over the next decades.”
This is great for them. Even after 15 years they are still leaders. To keep up with their growing company, they planning to build a new customer service center. This center will be much larger in site. It is going to be totaling 10,000 square meters of floor space. Which will lead to doubling Airbus helicopters customer service capacity. This will also increase pilot training activities which will be good for their marketing and will make people choose them over any other. They are also planning to support the regional fleet of more than 300 helicopters. The Admiral Carlos Pons, commander of the Chilean Navy Aviation mentioned “Any expansion of the Airbus Helicopters service offer can only be positive for us, providing us with more alternative solutions to our requirements"


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