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Airbus Lands Its Biggest Order Ever with IndiGo for 250 A320neo Aircraft Valued at $27B

Airbus has finalized its deal with Indian budget airline IndiGo to sell 250 A320neo aircraft. This is the second largest order by value for Airbus-it is the largest ever in the number of aircraft sold. IndiGo is the largest domestic airline by market share in India. Not only has this but it also flown one in three of India’s air travelers.

By acquiring this aircraft, it will help IndiGo have lower cost fares and allow the company to have more opportunity to create a wide variety of jobs, President Aditya Ghosh of IndiGo confirmed with CNBC over the phone on Monday.

[The company was] very excited now that they've [IndiGo] ordered 250 aircraft, making it the largest deal in the history of Airbus, said Kirin Rao states, head of strategy and marketing at Airbus. "With India being one of the fastest airline markets in the world, Airbus is extremely proud of this particular deal."

Rao stated that working with India is a crucial component to the business’ future.

"India is probably the fourth-largest aircraft ordering market in the world over the next 20 years, said Rao. When we first started India back in the 1990s, we were forecasting that India would have about 300 airplanes over 20 years. Today, the forecast in India is nearly 1,700 airplanes for the next 20 years. So it's a very big market and the success that Airbus has had in India over the last few years, puts us at 80 percent market share in one of the most important markets in the world today."

Rao also added that he is extremely confident that the low-cost emerging market airlines will dominate global air trade by 2025.

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