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Airbus offers to move Panther Production to India

On March 14, 2016, Santanu Choudhury published an article on MarketWatch.com talking about how Airbus might have Panther work from India. According to the article, Airbus Group SE made an offer to more Panther helicopters from France to India this earlier today. Not only did Airbus Group SE propose this offer, the also suggested that a whole separate assembly line be created for the C295 military transport plane.

In order for this to be approved, Airbus Group SE would have to win orders from the Indian government. This was said by president and managing director of Airbus, Pierre de Bausset, at a news conference in India.

Here is what Bausset has to say about the topic,

We are proposing to transfer technology and shift the Panther assembly line from France to India if there is an interest from the Indian government. He also adds how he wants India to be the centralized location. “We want to make India a global hub for [manufacturing] the Panthers.

Panther plans to purchase over 100 utility helicopters for its Navy. Panther is planning to work with Tata Advanced Systems Ltd. in India to move the C295 into production. There were over 50 C295 planes that were considered a bid to sell last year in order to replace old planes that were around during the Soviet war.

Sixteen of these planes have been scheduled to be supplied from an existing facility located in Spain while the rest are planned to be made with Tata Advanced Systems Ltd.

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