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Airbus patents the world’s fastest helicopter based on its previous X3 model

Airbus has managed to astonish once again with its soon to be world fastest helicopter. As of April, the United States Patent and Trademark Office go forth with Airbus’ very own Axel Fink, Ambrosius Weiss, and Andrew Wink-worth application for a new compound helicopter. The design of the drawings (patent) is based on Airbus’ revolutionary X3 testing prototype that was first flown in 2010.

While testing the X3 it reached a high speed of 293 mph. Since the X3 is the base model to the new patent it will be the fastest “non-tilt “chopper in the world. The “non-tilt “is possible due to the side wings engines in addition to the traditional conventional main rotor. The goal is to mimic the flying style of a V22 Osprey, which is able to take off like a helicopter but flies easily like a normal aircraft when it is at a horizontal cruise.”

The concept is also part of Airbus Helicopters' (formerly known as Euro-copter) high speed, long-range, hybrid helicopter (H3) initiative.” The patent will have propellers mounted on back of the wings appose to the front, like on the X3 prototype. The reason for the switch of direction of the propellers is purposely for vibration and noise minimization. The reduction of noise and vibration also improves lift and passenger safety upon departure.

The patent is estimated to top the X3 speed maximum speed due to the installation of the Turbojet engine that it would carry on board. Airbus Helicopters had mentioned the evolution of the X3 prototype in 2014 to which they called it the Low Impact Fast and Efficient Rotor Craft. Although the patent is a legitimate drawing and has prospects of being initiated, it is still unsure if it will be produced anytime in the near future.


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