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Airbus to Build Pilot and Maintenance Training Center in Delhi

Airbus recently announced its plan to build a pilot and maintenance training center in Delhi which is planned to open by the year 2018. This is intended to support the Indian government’s “Skill India” campaign as well as the predicted continuing growth of India’s airline industry over the next 20 years.

The training center will be equipped with four A320 full-flight simulators, and staffed with Airbus’ own instructors. According to Kiran Rao, the Airbus executive vice president of strategy and marketing, the center will allow pilots and engineers to acquire greater flying and maintenance skills to be able to operate current and future Airbus aircraft models.

Once the Airbus center is built, it is expected to surpass the amount of maintenance engineers that have been trained in their center in Bangalore since 2007. The new facility is anticipated to train more than 2,000 maintenance engineers and 8,000 pilots over the first ten years.

Airbus predicts it will deliver one aircraft to India per week during the next ten years, which explains the high demand for top quality training.

As of now, Airbus is yet to pick the site where the center will be built. By 2017, the plans should be finalized and construction will begin.

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