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Airbus to Deliver First China-Built A330 in 2018

The aircraft manufacturing giant Airbus is undergoing preparation to deliver the first A330 wide-body aircraft from its China plant in 2018. The company had signed a deal with Aviation Industry Corp. of China and the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone earlier this month to construct a cabin completion center in Tianjin, where the A320 jets are assembled. This will be constructed next to the already existing A320 final assembly plant, and will be able to assemble two aircraft per month. The facility is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017, and deliveries from the plant are planned to begin early 2018.

The new plant will provide China with the ability to build its own aircraft. As the domestic demand gradually increases, the current process of only importing Airbus and Boeing needs to be changed to keep up. Airbus hopes that the project will spur demand for future orders of the wide body A330, and increase its presence in China. The Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone said that facilities for cabin decoration, painting, and flight testing of the A330 series are planned to be built in the next ten years.

Airbus has secured a sequence of large aircraft orders in the past few months. China Aviation Supplies Holding (CAS) has put in a final agreement to purchase 45 A330 family aircraft valuing at $11 billion. In addition, CAS also has a potential to exercise an option for 30 additional A330 airliners. The company Spring Airlines looks to purchase 21 Airbus A320 aircraft in a 12.45 billion CNY ($2.04 billion USD) deal for the purpose of increasing international and domestic air travel demand.

The A330 remains as the favored choice for over 100 airlines worldwide. These aircraft provide a benefit from its proven and unrivalled low operating costs. With capabilities of flying half-hour to 15 hour flights, the Airbus A330 aircraft offers the most efficient option spanning 250-440 seats. In addition, the A330 stands as one of the most reliable aircraft ever with average dispatch reliability above 99 percent.

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