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BAE Systems Becomes Eco-Friendly

The M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle has been the staple of the US Army since the Cold War, entering service in 1981. The 33-ton tank has proven to be a reliable war machine over the decades, although its time is indeed coming to an end.BAE Systems, the British multinational defense company that originally designed and manufactured the Bradley vehicle, has won over the Pentagon with a brand new tank design, a proposed hybrid-electric vehicle that will cost $32 billion to develop and build.The new tank would boast a larger gun, stronger armor, and space for up to nine troops inside.

This tank hopes to pioneer the eco-friendly trend in the defense industry, one that is already prevalent in the commercial automobile industry and elsewhere. Just like the Toyota Prius and the GM Chevy Volt, it is proposed that the tank run on both conventional fuel as well as electric power, which lithium-ion batteries that would charge the vehicle while it is at a stop.

The propulsion system would also boast much more efficient gas mileage coupled with faster acceleration and fewer moving parts, as opposed to the traditional diesel engines currently in use. This brand-new design is still in its infant stages, having not even reached prototype stage yet. However, do keep an eye on BAE Systems as they hope to pioneer this.

BAE Systems is a British aerospace and defense company that ranks among the world’s largest defense contractors, 2nd based on an annual revenue. It is also the 6th largest supplier to the US Department of Defense. The company, which was formed in 1999 via the merger of Marconi Electronic Systems and British Aerospace valued at 7.7 billion British pounds, has made significant strides towards international expansion since then. Today, they operate in major markets that include Australia, India, and Saudi Arabia in addition the USA and Europe.

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