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B/E Aerospace – Too Big for One Company

Serving nearly every airlines, BE Aerospace manufacturers interior cabin products, fasteners, and consumables. Since its founding in 1987 they have grown from a $3million company to grossing over $3.0 billion today. Their full product line includes: aircraft cabin seating, lighting systems, oxygen systems, food and beverage preparation and storage equipment, galley systems, and modular lavatory systems. BE offers seating products for several forms of aircraft. Products are designed for both commercial and business jets. On commercial aircraft seats are designed for the main cabin, business class, and super first class. The oxygen and PSU systems serve both the aircraft crew and passengers. There is a range of options to choose from. There is the Chemical Oxygen system, PulseOx Oxygen, and the Safe Lav CDS for use in lavatory compartments. Also, B/E offers De-icing systems through their ice shield product line. Pneumatic wing de-icers, engine inlet de-icers, and electric propeller de-icers are used. When an airline is looking to upgrade the interior BE offers innovative solutions for integration and reconfiguration. Within the structures product line are unique designs for crew rests, cabin monuments, and lavatories. Brazing Technologies is a line of thermal management products. Brazonics is used in the defense, aerospace, and commercial industrial markets. Other Thermal management products from BE include CGR/Thompson and J.A. Reinhardt. This year BE has announced plans to split into two separate independent publicly traded companies. One company, BE Manufacturing Co, will be focused on the design and production of interior equipment. While the other entity, BE Services Co. will focus on distribution and technical services for the aerospace and energy markets. The restructure is scheduled to be completed in early 2015. As a result of releasing their plans their stock decline by 4.8 percent overnight. This news came after B/E agreed to acquire two separate manufacturing companies. One is Emteq, Inc., a provider of cabin interiors, exterior lighting, and power systems. Also, BE agreed to acquire Fischer Co. the leading manufacturer of civilian helicopter seating products. The total purchase price for the two companies is roughly $470 million. ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website Aviation Sourcing Solutions, strives to be a premier distributor and one-stop shop for all your B/E Aerospace spare parts requirements. Whether it is for commercial, civil, or US military application, we can help you meet your procurement needs. Take a look at our parts capabilities on www.aviationsourcingsolutions.com or contact us today at sales@aviationsourcingsolutions.com for a quote.


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