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Bendix King Provides Efficient Solutions for Avionics

Bendix King announced that the new KMA 30 is a suitable “slide in” spare for select older audio panels. This suitable plug and play capability saves the disbursement of re-wiring the entire avionics suite. The KMA 30 makes it simple for the pilot to control audio throughout an aircraft.

Last year Bendix King, established myWingMan, which is a flight-planning and in-flight navigation support app which helps simplify processes and push the limits of tablet computer used in the cockpit. Unlike any submission on the market, myWingMan offers overall aviation pilots full enroute triangulation on a moving map display, real-time weather information and artificial idea for better-quality flight triangulation and safety. This year they announced the new apprise to the myWingMan guide app for the iPad. The myWingMan app gets innovative, extraordinary levels of flight preparation, triangulation, productivity and situational attentiveness into the cockpit. Their innovative update makes myWingMan even more simple, spontaneous and powerful, with numerous enhancements over the first release, this includes amplified steadiness in preset methods, user account entree and chart data display, improved user interface for flight preparation as well as the support of Standard Instrument Arrival and Departure processes Victor Airways and a moving triangulation log and more.

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