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Boeing Beats Airbus in Q1 Net Orders and Deliveries

Leading aircraft manufacturer Boeing has beaten its main rival Airbus in net new airplane orders and deliveries in the first quarter of the fiscal year. Airbus originally had 121 booked orders for aircraft between January and March opposed to Boeing’s 116.

However, due to cancellations and different model conversions, the end result left Airbus with 101 aircraft orders and Boeing with 110. Last year, Airbus came in the lead for annual orders with 1,456 net orders, ahead of Boeing’s 1,432. During the first quarter, most of Airbus’ new business came in March as a result of Air Lease Corp’s finalized order of 55 aircraft which included 25 improved A330 widebody models. Another major order includes 10 upgraded orders of A321 jets to the A321neo from Philippine Airlines.

These re-engined, 185-seat variant, upgraded jets are planned to enter service at the end of 2016. Airbus has 134 plane deliveries logged in the first quarter and includes the company’s newest A350 along with four A380s. Their deliveries feed from 141 as the A320 family sales fell to 109 aircrafts along with A330 from 28 to 20. On the other hand, due in part to an increase of the 787 Dreamliner production, Boeing posted 184 first quarter delivers which came up from 161.

Boeing expects the ordering rate to decrease in 2015 as customers rein back their orders to approximately the same number of planes Boeing can produce in the year which goes against the norm of several years of orders higher than the production rate.

Boeing and Airbus are the two largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. Often characterized as a duopoly in the large jet airliner market, the competition between the two started after a series of mergers within the global aerospace industry. Over the course of 10 years between 2004 to 2013, Airbus delivered a total of 4,824 while Boeing fell behind at 4,458.

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