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Boeing Business Jets Lands 4 New BBJ MAX 8 Orders

Boeing introduced a new single-aisle 737 business jet also known as the BBJ Max. The BBJ is considered a modernized version of the 50-year-old twinjet. The four orders came from two companies. One of the companies is a Middle East operator who ordered three BBJ Max aircraft, while the other one is an Asian operator who ordered the remaining one.

David Longridge, the president of Boeing Business Jets, said,

2015 has been a really strong year for Boeing Business Jets. We have sold seven aircraft and we are not done yet. The BBJ MAX is doing really well with nine orders already on the books for both BBJ MAX 8s and BBJ MAX 9s. The 737 MAX program is on track for first flight scheduled in early 2016. We know the MAX will be a great airplane for our VIP customers.

In 1996, BBJ was created with the partnership of Boeing and General Electric. General Electric is considered the maker of the CFM-56 series of engines that is used on the newer 737’s. In 1996, customers would have over $36 million for an unfinished or “green” BBJ. Once furnished and customized to the customer’s liking, the pricing could go anywhere upwards of $50 million.

Currently, there are different variants of the BBJ Max: the Max 8 and Max 9. These are based on the BBJ2 and BBJ3 respectively. These have increasingly more range while being able to keep the same about of cabin size opposed to their predecessors. The BBJ Max 8 has a range of 6,325 nautical miles with a 14.6 percent increase compared to the BBJ 2. The BBJ 9 Max will have a range of 6,255 nautical miles with a 16.2 percent increase over the BBJ 3.

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