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Boeing Delivers First 787 Dreamliner for Italian Airliner - NEOS

Milan based airliner, NEOs, expands their fleet by implementing Boeings 787-9 Dreamliner to their company making it the first Italian airline to fly with 787-9 models. NEO has been working hand in hand with AerCap one of the words largest leasing company to be able to obtain the latest additions. To date AerCap has been the largest customer of Dreamliner for Boeing to be used throughout the world. With the latest addition to NEOs fleet it becomes the 45th operator to use the Dreamliner. The Italian market has had a great influence on the aerospace industry throughout the years but Boeing 787 has not found its way to the Italian airlines till the recent delivery of the two Dreamliner that will take place later on this year (2018). Boeing has already integrated other models such as the 737s and the 767s. Apart of the great influence that Italy has gained in the aerospace industry, its very own Leonardo company has been producing more over 14% of the 787 Dreamliner’s airframe structure. Parts that contribute to the Italian company’s influence are parts such as the horizontal stabilizer and the unique two-piece center fuselage section that the company provides.

Neos has grown its reputation largely based on flying for the Italian vacation company known as Alpitour World. Founded in the early 2000s the Italian airline has been able to expand its ventures to continents such as Africa, Asia along with another place such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean. NEO has chosen to only use Boeing aircrafts in their fleets to date and only wish to expand with their latest integration. Boeing continues to prove themselves with the efficiency that their aircrafts provide.

According to Daniel Mosley of Boeings European Communications, “Boeing has delivered more than 625 787s since entering service in 2011, flying more than 200 million people on more than 610 unique routes, saving over 19 billion pounds of fuel.”

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July 28, 2022

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