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Boeing Goes Eco-Friendly with the ecoDemonstrator

Boeing has recently been focusing more efforts on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation industry, which has culminated in its announcement of initial test flights with “green diesel.” In this first test flight, a Boeing 787, which has been coined the ecoDemonstrator, successfully flew with 15% green diesel fuel and 85% conventional fuel. This percentage of green diesel is only expected to increase as Boeing as well as other companies experiment further with eco-friendly technology.

Green diesel fuel, which is made from vegetable oils, waste cooking oil, and waste animal fats, is new to the aviation industry. Previously, green fuel has only been used in ground transportation and Boeing was the first to complete a test flight using green diesel. Green diesel is huge potential market that can make sustainable aviation biofuel more available and more affordable for customers at the same time.

Virtually every industry outside of aviation has been making the shift to more eco-friendly products and methods of business. Currently, with 800 million gallons of production capacity combined between the US, Europe, and Asia, green diesel could supply up to 1% of the total jet fuel demand. Coupled with US government incentives to go green, green diesel could be on par with regular petroleum jet fuel. Boeing is currently supporting efforts to have this type of fuel approved for commercial aviation.

Boeing, an American aerospace giant, is a publicly-traded, S&P 500 Component company that generates over $87 billion in annual revenue. This corporation designs and manufactures aircraft, rockets, rotorcraft, and satellites and is the largest global manufacturer in aerospace. It is also the 2nd largest defense contractor based on revenue, behind only Lockheed Martin. Boeing is responsible for the design of the 700 series for major commercial jetliners and also for the heavily used military aircraft such as the F-18 Hornet.

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