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Boeing Predicts Air Cargo Growth

Boeing released its Biennial World Air Cargo Forecast at the International Air Cargo Association Air Cargo Forum and Exhibition in Paris this October. The model shows the company’s prediction for air cargo traffic over the next 20 years. Boeing’s forecast is more than optimistic despite the “below-trend” growth the air cargo market has experienced in the last several years. Boeing estimates the air cargo traffic rate will increase by 4.2% annually. To meet market demand by 2035, 930 new freighters are needed as well as 1,440 converted freighters.

The confidence in air cargo growth comes from an increase in trade due to an expanding e-commerce market. By 2020, internet transactions will reach $3.6 trillion in revenue. China projects its express market to grow by 55% in volume and 39% in revenue within the next 5 years. Overall, the markets connected to Asian countries are predicted to account for most of the air cargo growth.

Currently, Boeing produces 90% of the world’s freighters and products, and the positive expectations will increase the demand for their products and services. Approximately 550 large, 380 medium widebody, 400 widebody conversion, and 1,040 medium conversion freighters are needed to meet this demand. Boeing has engineered these carriers to be used for either express cargo or industrial goods. Boeing’s merchandise lineup includes carriers that are more than capable and reliable, and that continue to push Boeing as leaders of the industry.

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