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Boeing’s 737 Max 8 Makes its First Big Appearance

Boeing, the world’s largest and leading aircraft company, finally show cased its MAX 737 8 last week. The airplane was show cased by American Airlines in Renton Washington. The aircraft was a beautiful sight on the flightline assembly. American airlines, a Fort Worth based-carried has over 100 737 MAX aircrafts on order, with four deliveries in 2017, sixteen in 2018 and twenty in 2019. This upcoming generation aircraft has a total of one hundred and seventy-two seats. This means that the aircraft has twenty-nine inches of seat room in the main cabin aircraft interior, something that is huge for the aircraft industry. The aircraft interior includes thirty seats in main cabin extra, providing exceptional comfort for its customers.

The economy seats on this aircraft are more comfortable than previous aircraft seats because they are Rockwell Collins interior system’s design. The aircraft interior design is an art and a science, you must consider revenue, customer experience and satisfaction as well as other considerations. Apparently, the new 737 MAX 8 will not include inflight entertainment but will instead include configured satellite based wi-fi. This new development allows passengers to stream video contents such as Netflix, HBO, and Hulu.

The 737 MAX is designed to provide customers outstanding performance, flexibility and competence. The plane even has lower per seat outlays compared to its competitors. The 737 has some of the newest technology on the market, including CFM international engines, Boeing aviation industry interior, advanced technology winglets, and large flight deck displays. The Boeing 737 is the fastest selling airplane is Boeing history, a remarkable statistic for the company! The first 737 MAX 8 is through Renton flight line and features a painted rudder and a green fuselage. Although the first delivery will be coming in fall 2017, American has yet to announce any plans about schedules or routes that the plane will be taking.


July 28, 2022

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