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Bombardier Aerospace - What They Manufacturing?

Bombardier Aerospace, a division of Bombardier Inc. located in Quebec, Canada, the third-largest global airplane manufacturer after Airbus and Boeing. Since 1986, Bombardier has acquired many unprofitable businesses and restored them to profitability, starting with Canadair. In 1989, they acquired near-bankrupt Short Brothers aircraft manufacturing company in Ireland, followed by the 1990 acquisition of Learjet Company in Kansas. Finally, in 1992, they acquired de Havilland Aircraft of Canada, a Boeing subsidiary.

The aerospace division of Bombardier Inc. currently accounts for over 50% of the company’s revenue. Its most popular aircraft include the Dash 8 Series 400, CRJ100/200/440, and CRJ700/900/1000 lines of regional airliners. It also manufactures the Bombardier 415 amphibious water-bomber, the Global Express and the Challenger business jet. The company is also working on a future Cseries aircraft, which is aimed as replacement for its DC-9 and MD-80 as well as smaller versions of the Boeing 737. It is looking to compete with the Boeing 737 Next Generation 737-600, 737-700, Airbus A318, Airbus A319, and Embraer 195. The Cseries will supposedly burn 20% less fuel per trip than its competitors.


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