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Bombardier Challenger 300, 605 and 800 Series

The Bombardier Challenger line of jets includes the Challenger 300 / 30X / 605 / 850. The Challenger was originally produced by Canadair and later by Bombardier Aerospace. The Challenger 300 is a super-mid-sized jet but is not developmentally related to the similarly-named Challenger 600-series or the 800-series. The Challenger 600 was the original series of jets, which included: the CL-600, CL-601, CL-604, CL-605, and CL-610. The Challenger was one of the first business jets designed with a super critical wing, and had a widened fuselage that allowed a “walk-about cabin,” although for the most part it is similar in configuration to other aircraft of its type. It carries up to 19 passengers and runs at a length of 20.85 meters, a wingspan of 19.61 meters, a height of 6.30 meters, and a weight of 43,250 pounds. It flies at a maximum speed of 548 mph and a range of 3,875 miles.

Bombardier’s largest super-mid-size business aircraft, the Challenger 800, is based on the company’s CRJ200LR 50 seat aircraft. The Challenger 850 is the most updated and current version. It can carry up to 14 passengers and runs a length of 26.77 meters, a wingspan of 21.21 meters, a height of 6.22 meters, and a typical weight of 34,617 pounds. It has a maximum speed of Mach 0.85 and a range of 5,206 kilometers. The entire line of Challenger aircraft has applications in commercial use as well as government multi-mission flexibility.

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