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Bombardier Debuts CSeries at 2015 Paris Air Show

The CSeries’ showing at the Paris Air Show impressed Swiss, which is owned by Lufthansa, to convert 10 of their orders for CS100s into CS300s. Originally, Swiss had ordered 30 of the 100 series aircraft back in 2009. Swiss officials were perhaps persuaded by the price and the diversity the 300 series could bring to their fleet.

"With its size and its low operating costs, the CS300 aircraft ideally complements the CS100 aircraft and the rest of our European fleet," said Swiss Chief Executive Harry Hohmeister.

The sales numbers are currently not where they need to be for Bombardier. As of now, 243 firm orders have been placed - well short of their 300 order target. To make matters worse, they are approximately $2 billion over budget and three years behind schedule.

Their order total for their single-aisle passenger jet places them well behind rivals Boeing and Airbus. The CSeries is expected to be heavier than originally planned (though this is not uncommon for new models of planes), and be able to take off 5,000 pounds heavier. Despite this, it will be 1.5% more fuel-efficient, and be able to fly an extra 150 nautical miles farther than the first estimate.

President of Commercial Aircraft Fred Cromer voiced his concern about their issues to the BBC, stating, “There's always a lot of pressure to come up with big orders. But right now it's like the old-fashioned days - we are here to show off the equipment."

Invest NI’s Chief Executive Alastair Hamilton witnessed the Paris launch, and offered a bit of positive thinking on Bombardier’s behalf, saying “I believe they will kick on from today. There are many years ahead for this aircraft."

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