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Brady Corporation - Making Products with Utmost Precision

Brady Corporation, founded in 1917 and today is currently headquartered in Milwaukee. It was founded by W. H. Brady, who began his career as a salesman for an Ohio remembrance advertising firm. He founded the company in Eau, Clair, Wisconsin and started the company with only promotional photographic calendars. Today, the company manufactures and markets a variety of products for a variety of markets worldwide.

The industries they have customers in are telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, education, medical and a variety of other industries. Brady Corporation has operations in America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and employs more than 6,500 people. Their region sales are split in the following the America region, 43%, the European region, 30% and the Asia/Pacific consist of 27%. They are a publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BRC. For 2011, Brady Corporation had sales of approximately $1.34 billion.

Products for Identification and Work Place Safety: Brady Corporation product offering varies with location worldwide, but in the US they offer fully integrated high quality solutions for identification and workplace safety:

  • Label and printers
  • Materials
  • Signs
  • Software
  • Safety solutions

People at the Top: The company has been able to grow because of their expertise in manufacturing, their global infrastructure, and their sales resources that allow them to provide innovative products and solutions to millions of customers. Their current CEO and president are Mr. Felmer who joined the company in 1989. Brady Corporation also has other brands and businesses under their belt that include Accidental Health & Safety, Balkhausen, Big, Brady People ID, Carroll, Clement, Dawg, Electrowmark, Emedco, Grafo, ID Warehouse, IDenticam, IDenticard, Modernotecni, PDC, Personal Concepts, Safetyshop, Safety Signs Service, Scafftag, Stickolor, Stopware, Transposafe, and Welco. Just like many large corporations are doing, Brady has recently tried to be a more conserving corporation by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One of the things they did to accomplish this is simply switching their air freight shipments to sea freight. By making a simple change they save 96,000 dollars and a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions each year.

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